Southern War Songs Camp-Fire, Patriotic & Sentimental

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Alas! one day the mule was missed, ah! who could tell his
fate? The farmer, like a man bereft, searched early and searched
late; And as he passed from camp to camp, with stricken face, the
Cried out to ev'ryone he met, " Oh, Mister, where 's my
mule ?"
Dedicated to the Davis Guardsó(The Living and the Dead). By Mrs. M. J. Young.
Sabine Pass! in letters of gold, Seem written upon the sky to-day,
Sabine Pass ! with rhythmic feet, Comes passionately stepping- down my lay.
Sabine Pass ! and the white sail ships, With their cruel cannons' grinning- teeth,
Tearing in shreds the sullen smoke,
That seem'd weaving for us a winding sheet.
Sabine Pass! with its Irish hearts,
As true as the blessings the Shamrock brings, Hearts as full of royal blood
As that which nerves the arms of kings.

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