Southern War Songs Camp-Fire, Patriotic & Sentimental

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Words by P. E. Collins.                           Music by Wm. Herz.
Land of our birth, thee, thee I sing1,
Proud heritage is thine, Wide to the breeze thy banner fling',
Thy freedom ne'er resign. Land of the South, the foe defies
Thy valor! lo, he conies, To prove thy strength, awake, arise !
To arms ! protect thy homes.
Bright Southern land, the time has come,
Thy bright historic day, Sons of the South, the time has come,
Drive back the tyrants' sway ! Strike, Southrons, strike! the foe shall flee,
Nor e'er again invade; The sons of free men shall be free,
They cannot slaves be made.
Land of the South, by right maintained,
The day of trial past, The prize of victory will be gained ;
Thou'lt triumph at the last, And future bards your deeds shall tell
Of valor and renown; What tyranny and hate befell,
By Southern might cast down.

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