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A VICKSBURG SONG. Air"Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still."
There is freedom on each fold, and each star is freedom's
throne, And the free, the brave, the bold, guard thine honor as
their own ; Ev'ry danger hast thou known that the battle's storm can
fill, Thy glory hath not flown—we proudly wave thee still.
Ev'ry danger, etc.
Floating in the morning light, Freedom's sun ! thou shinest far,
Floating thro' the murky night, all shall see thee, Free­dom's star!
For sic semper thy refrain, and thy motto e'er shall be,
Let tyrants wear the chain—I am—I will be free !
O'er the land or the sea where the hurling waves are torn, In the calm, the storm, the breeze, be thy standard proudly
borne ; For there's freedom on each fold, and each star 's freedom's
throne— The free, the brave, the bold, thy glory is their own.

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