Southern War Songs Camp-Fire, Patriotic & Sentimental

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By Rev. J. E. Carnes.
Young- Florida sends forth her clan — the old Dominion's
brave, "With sons of Texas, lead the van to glory or the grave ; Now, by the fame of Yorktown's name, and by the Alamo, The sons will not the fathers shame, though mightier be the
Prom desecrated Maryland come out a faithful few,
And old Kentucky sends a band to God and Freedom true j
There comes a thrill from Sharpsburg's rill—and from the
" bloody ground," Heap'd with the mounds of Perryville, the spectral slogans
sound !
And Alabama's well-tried host into the Grey line wheels, From wasted farms, beleaguered coast, from Florence to
Mobile ; The torch-lit home, whence kindred roam, has lent its wings
their fire; And wrongs, tear-writ in mem'ry's tome, to deeds of blood
Ho, Louisiana! vengeance fraught by rapine's hellish scenes, Comes vanward with the blended thought of Mansfield—New Orleans;

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