Southern War Songs Camp-Fire, Patriotic & Sentimental

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To the great God of Nations
Our sacred cause confide,
For we are fighting- for our liberty
And He is on our side.
The South for me ! The sunny clime,
Where earth is clothed in beauty's hue, And Nature vies in scenes sublime,
With all the old world ever knew; I love thy soil where'er I roam,
Sweet land ! and when afar from thee, My fond heart throbs with thoughts of home,
And echoes back " The South for me."
Chorus.—The South for me, the South for me,
The golden clime, the heart's desires, The only land where men are free, And worthy of their free-born sires.
The South for me! the patriot's heart
Beats ever to that slogan cry; And heroes, armed and ready, start
For their loved land to do or die; But leave the Southron's valor free,
Let Southern heroes meet the foe, And when rings out "the South for me,"
Their strong right arms will deal the blow.

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