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Our Southern boys are brave and true, and joining" heart and hand
And are flocking- to the " Stars and Bars " as they are float­ing o'er the land.
And all are standing ready, with their rifles in their hands,
And invite the North to open graves down South in Dixie's
By " P. E. C," in Richmond Examiner.
lune—" Barclay and Perkins' Drayman."
These lines were written Jan. 8, 1861, for a friend, who expected to sing them in the theatre, but thought at the time to be too much in the secession spirit.
I'm a soldier, you see, that oppression has made !
I don't fight for pay or for booty ; But I wear in my hat a blue cockade,
Placed there by the fingers of Beauty. The South is my home, where a black man is black,
And a white man there is a white man; Now I am tired of listening to Northern clack,—
Let us see what they will do in a fight, man.
The Yankees are cute ; they have managed, somehow,
Their business and ours to settle ; They make all we want, from a pin to a plough,
Now we'll show them some Southern mettle.

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