Southern War Songs Camp-Fire, Patriotic & Sentimental

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He smiled—it meant death, That wonderful smile;
It leaped like a flame Down each close set file ;
And we stormed to the front With a long1, loud cry—
We had long" ago learned How to charge and to die: There was faith in the eye Of General Lee.
But a sudden pause came,
As we dashed on the foe, And our scathing columns
Swayed to and fro; Cold grew our blood,
Glowing like wine, And a quick, sharp whisper
Shot over our line, As our ranks opened wide— And there by our side
Rode General Lee.
How grandly he rode !
With his eyes on fire, And his great bosom shook
With an awful desire ! But, " Back to the rear!
'Till you ride to the rear We will not do battle
With gun or with blade !"
Cried the Texas Brigade To General Lee.

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