Southern War Songs Camp-Fire, Patriotic & Sentimental

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Oh, for an Abolition crowd,
I hear old Abe cry out, Affrighted by the march of foes,
The freeman's mighty shout. That shouting* welcomes to our heart,
The freeman's chosen manó Jeff Davisówho now heads our hosts,
And leads the glorious van.
Full brightly waves our flag in air,
O'er Sumpter's fort just won. And soon o'er Pickens' towering heights
It will glitter in the sun. It will glitter in the sun, my boys,
And fan the battle cloud, The struggling freeman's sigh of hope,
The fallen heroes' shroud.
And now three cheers for the glorious flag,
That victory has won, And may it soon be towering o'er
The Dome at Washington. The Dome at Washington, my boys,
While Abolition hosts Shall quail and shake before the flagó
The freeman's glorious boast.

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