Southern War Songs Camp-Fire, Patriotic & Sentimental

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And if peace should be hopeless and justice denied,
And war's bloody vulture should flap its black pinions,
Then gladly " To arms," while we hurl, in our pride, Defiance to tyrants and death to their minions !
With our front to the field, swearing- never to yield,
Or return, like the Spartan, in death on our shield !
Chorus—And the Cross of the South shall triumphantly wave As the flag of the free or the pall of the brave.
Charleston Mercury. '* Dixie."
I wish I was in de land o' cotton, Old times dair ain't not forgotten—
Look away, etc. In Dixie land whar I was born in, Early on one frosty mornin'—
Look away, etc.
Chorus—Den I wish I was in Dixie.
In Dixie land dat frosty mornin',
Jis 'bout de time de day was dawnin'—
Look away, etc. De signal fire from de East bin roarin', Rouse up, Dixie, no more snorin'—
Look away, etc.

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