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The Theory Of Sound Which Constitutes The Physical Basis Of The Art Of Music.

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138                   SYNTHETIC APPARATUS.            [V. § 69.
the first and second, the three tones blend as per­fectly as the two did before, the only difference perceptible being an additional increase of brilliancy. The experiment admits of being carried further with the same result.
If we were able to produce by means of tuning-forks as many simple tones of the series on p. -86 as we pleased, and also to control at will their relative intensities, it would be possible to imitate in this manner the varying timbre of every musical instru­ment. The unmanageable character of very high forks has as yet prevented this being done for sounds containing a large number of powerful overtones, but an apparatus on this principle has been devised by Professor Helmholtz which imitates successfully sounds not involving more than the first six or eight partial-tones. His theory of quality is thus experimentally demonstrated both analytically and synthetically. We will examine in the next chapter certain theoretical considerations which have an important bearing on that theory.
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