American Old Time Song Lyrics: 56 Pom Tiddley Om Pom

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 56

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Copyright. 1896, by Howard & Co.
 Words by R. H. Douglas. Music by Walter Passmore.

I got married yesterday noon, pom-tiddley-om-pom, pom-tiddley-om;
I've had a high old honeymoon, pom-tiddley-om-pom-pay. -
My husband had but little wealth, pom-tiddley-om-pom, pom-tiddley-om,
So I went on the honeymoon all by myself, pom-tiddley-om-pom-pay.
My husband thinks he's very fly, pom-tiddley-om-pom, pom-tiddley-om,
And thinks that very dull am I, pom-tiddley-om-pom-pay.

Oh, what fun I've had since I've begun from my old man to roam,
Leaving turn at home; but when he again sets eyes on me,
pom-tiddley-om-pom, pom-tiddley-om-pom, pom-tiddley-om-pom-pay.

Down Broadway a swell I spied, pom-tiddley-om-pom, pom-tiddley-om;
He winked at me and I replied, pom-tiddley-om-pom-pay.
We reached the cafe feeling dry, pom-tiddley-om-pom, pom-tiddley-om,
Another girl came strolling by, pom-tiddley-om-pom-pay.
"Great Scott," he cried, here comes my wife, pom-tiddley-om-pom, pom-tiddley-om-
He grabbed his hat and flew for his life, pom-tiddley-om-pom-pay.-Chorus.

Having seen New York so grand, pom-tiddley-om-pom, pom-tiddley-om.
I toddled home to my old man, pom-tiddley-om-pom-pay.
"Forgive me, darling, do," I cried, pom-tiddley-om-pom, pom-tiddley-om,
"You've been to the Tenderloin." he replied, pom-tiddley-om-pom-pay.
He thought forever I had fled, pom-tiddley-om-pom, pom-tiddley-om;
I So he skipped with the rnaid|of honor instead, pom-tiddley-om-pom-pay.

Oh, what fun I've had since I begun from my old mail to roam,
Thinking him at home, but now he has got the laugh on me,
pom-tiddley-om-pom, pom-tiddley-om-pom, pom-tiddley-om-pom-pay.
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