American Old Time Song Lyrics: 56 Faces We Miss From The Stage

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 56

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Faces We Miss from the Stage.
Copyright, 1895. by The Hall Music Co.
Words and Music by Herbert H. Taylor.

After taking your scat in the theatre,
To witness some popular play,
Did you ever pause to consider,
The actors who've left us to-day,
'Tis but a brief time since you knew them,
These men who were once all the rage;
And I fancy you sometimes remember
The men that we miss from the sings.

Faces we miss from the stage, those who were once all the rage;
We can never forget, and we think with regret, of the faces we miss from the stage.

There was one whose appearance each evening
Was hailed with the wildest delight;
He counted his friends by the thousand,
They applauded him night after night:
he has passed from the scene of life's action,
Though spared to enjoy an old age;
And I'm sure you will say here this evening,
"Billy" Florence is missed from the stage.- Chorus.

There's a very old friend that has left us,
Who took this whole country by storm;
he clung to the old school of acting.
Ho manly and stately in form;
His place is now filled by another,
But you know that we do not engage
Ev'rv day a "Virginius," a "Caesar"-
John McCullough is missed from the stage.-Chorus.

There's an actress who's played in your city,
And I'm sure you'll agree, all, to this-
Der speeches were pert, wise, and witty,
In the beautiful play called "M'Liss;"
She died far away in old England,
From her life this is only a page.
But it does not take long to remind you
Annie Pixley is missed from the stage.- Chorus.

"Colonel Hellers." you all will remember.
In a play of light-comedy style,
But the man who has made it successful,
Will greet us no more with his smile;
He has made his last exit, forever;
He'd the wisdom, 'twas said, of a sage;
Every day this remark is made somewhere,
"John T. Raymond is missed from the stage."-Chorus.

There's a little soubrette that is missing
From the stage, where her absence but means
That she's wailing for our parts to end here,
And will meet us behind the scenes.
When the great green curtain is rolling
On some actress who's now all the rage,
I cannot but think for a moment
Patti Rosa is missed from the stage.- Chorus.

There's another who's played his last part here,
And spoke his last line in earth's scenes.
But, save a few dear ones who loved him,
How few know what his absence means.
Upon the result of his labors,

The critics their warfare will wage,
But go to the actors; they'll tell you
Bartley Campbell is missed from the stage.- Chorus.

Another, whose name is immortal,
has gone to return nevermore;
he had p a)ed many parts in his lifetime,
And was known here from shore unto shore -
A man of rare genius and talent,
Whose name is on drama's first page,
And a nation is mourning his absence-
Edwin Booth is now missed from the stage.- Chorus.

There's an actor whose face is now missing
From the stage where he once shone so bright,
his songs were a feature each evening,
And they're singing them somewhere to-night.
"Peek-a-boo,' and the ' Rose Song," "Mavourneen,"
Were once on a time all the rage,
And they still cause all hearts to remember­"Billy "Scanlan is missed from the stage. - Chorus.
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