American Old Time Song Lyrics: 52 De Good Olt Dimes

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 52

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Written and Sung by Gus Williams.

Lasd night I had a funny dream, my doughts vere in a train,
In vich id seems de good olt dimes had all come back again,
Und vid a growd of school-boys den I dought I dook my sdand,
Vidoud a vesd, but jacked on, und school-books in my hand;
I dought dot id vos Ghristmas eve, nud as ve valked along,
Ve shouded ond de midnight hour, vid many a boyhood soug,
Vid "Kiddy Clyde" and old "Ben Bold" und charming "Nelly Bly,"
Ve sang as only boys could sing, in good old dimes gone by.

Oh, de boys vere habby in de good oft dimes,
No such vord like "chubby" in de good oft dimes,
No drinking, swearing, swaggering, cursing, fighting, staggering-
Boys were boys, und knew id, in de good oft dimes.

Id seems to me like yesderday, dot I can now recall,
Ven I vos dressed vid extra care, and taken to a ball;
To me id seemed like fairy land, to see de young gals dere;
No paind or powder on dere face, and each wore dere own hair;
Varsovienna vos de dance, I sdil de music bear;
Quadrilles were called Codillions, und more fun dan sdyle vere dere;
Boys did nod valk ub to de bar, or try to and like men,
Und cigareddes vere quide unknown, und gals vere modesd den.

Oh, de gals vere splendid in de good oft dimes,
Didn't dress like men did in de good oft dimes;
Den dey blushed und hung dere head if a naughty vord vos said-
Mudders raised dere children in de good oft dimes.

Don't Dell Dem Dot You Saw Me.
Parody on-"Just Tell Them that You Saw Me."
Written and Sung by Gus Williams.

Vile on my bead de oder day, 'boud half-past five o'glock,
Ven men from business hurries rite avay,
I saw a man all proken up, but whom I recognized
As Schneider, whom I'd seen bud yesderday;
"Is dot you, Fritz?" I said to him, he gwickly turned avay;
"Don't turn away, Fritz, I'll nod pull you in;
Your nose is broke, vone ear is gone, has litening sdruck your glothes?"
He coughed, und slowly answered vid a grin;

"Don't dell dem dot you saw me, de boys 'dwould inderesd;
Don't dell dem I vos all proke up, you know;
I vent to Conies Island, and I thought I owned de boad,
But I can't fight us I could long ago."

I dook him home, he promised me dot he vould drink no more;
I thougdt dot he and liquor den vere quits;
De next day in a hospidal I habbened for to be,
Und sdredched oud on a dable, dere lay Fritz;
De doctors had dere saws oud, und I asked de reason vy,
Und Fritz den doid me, vid his same old cough:
"I dried to sdop a gable car, id fracdured both my lege,
Und now de doctor's going to saw dem off.

Jusd dell dem ven dey saw me to give me gloroform,
Just dell dem for to do id nice and quick.
Ven I ged veil, I'll never fight, beganse my legs are gone.
No madder vot dey say, I vill not kick."
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