American Old Time Song Lyrics: 52 De Finesd Bolice In De Vorld

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 52

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De Finesd Bolice in de Vorld.
Written and Sung by Gus Williams.

Ve're de "finesd bolice in de vorld,"
Our dress und our manners all show id,
Yet venever ve hahben to drink,
De public all seem for to know id;
Ve're tall und sioud, ve valk aboud
In a sdyle dot makes all de gals look and;
Ve're brave and sdrong, oh, dere is no doubt,
Ve're "de finesd bolice in de vorld."

Ve're de finesd, ve're de bravesd,
Ve're de grandesd bolice in de vorld;
Ve're de grandesd, ve're de bravesd.
Ve're "de finesd bolice in de vorld."

Ve're "de finesd bolice in de vorld,"
Und de nurse-girls, dey simbly adore us,
Ven at night dime ve carry our glubs,
Ve arresd every vone den before us;
Ve never run from any vone,
Unless ve forged for to carry our gun,
Und ve're never scared ven ve're flftly to vone,
Ve're "de fluesd bolice in de vorld." - Chorus.

Ve're "de finest! bolice in de vorld."
Und our picdures are pud in de papers;
Ven ve meet a man loaded for fight,
Very soon he is cured of his cabers;
Our clothes are blue, somedimes ve're too,
Excepd ven de ladies vill pass in review,
Den agross Broudvay ve vill helb dem too.
We're "de finesd bollce in de vorld." -Chorus.
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