American Old Time Song Lyrics: 49 The Naughty Jersey Mosquito

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 49

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The Naughty Jersey Mosquito.
Copyright, 1893, by Jas. Horton.
Words by Thomas E. Powers and Joseph Kershaw'.
Music and Chorus by James Horton.

Oh, the naughty mosquito; oh, the cruel mosquito;
I tell you a tale about this sweet nightingale,
Oh, that naughty mosquito;
He'll kiss pretty lasses, jay mules and jackasses,
Oh, the naughty mosquito;
If he gets on your back, you'll think you sat on a tack,
Saying, "Ah, there, my size," as his tweezers he plies;
Then he'll fly to a tree, and say you can't catch me;
But he will come back soon, and sing the same old tune.
Oh, the naughty mosquito;
Oh, the naughty mosquito.

He sings you to sleep, while he's sharp'ning his beak,
Oh, that naughty mosquito;
The humps he raises, I tell you are daisies,
Oh, that naughty mosquito;
Oh, he's a big sucker and he's chock full of pepper,
Oh, that naughty mosquito.

Oh, the naughty mosquito; oh, the cruel mosquito;
he always cuts a daeh, wherever he does so,
Oh, the naughty mosquito;
He'll stick in your hair if you're bald there,
Oh, the naughty mosquito;
At night he swings a lamp, he loves to bleed a tramp;
Now, when the light is red, go hide under the bed;
If you should roll home tight, your nose he'll surely bite;
Upon your face he'll spring, and nicely to you sing,
Oh, the naughty mosquito;
Oh, the naughty mosquito.-Chorus.

Oh, the Jersey mosquito: oh, the naughty mosquito:
He'll buzz around sweethearts that go out in the parks,
Oh, that naughty mosquito;
Can't say they get full, but mamma, how they pull,
Oh, that naughty mosquito;
Two girls quite merrily went bathing in the sea;
He waited for a chance to pierce them like a lance;
He smote them on the nose, and they ran for their clothes,
For mercy they did beg when he caught them in the leg,
Oh, that naughty mosquito;
Oh, that naughty mosquito.-Chorus.

Oh, the Jersey mosquito; oh, the naughty mosquito:
When your girl's head's on your breast he'll say lake a rest,
Oh, that noisy mosquito;
He'll sing, Girls in blue, with accompaniment, too,
Oh, that see-saw mosquito;
Then he'll waltz down the centre and dance the Du Ventre;
When he sees a high-kicker, he just lets her flicker:
Then a Dutch song and dance he will do without pants;
He's a blood-thirsty nipper, just like Jack the Ripper,
Oh, that naughty mosquito;
Oh, that naughty mosquito.- Chorus.

Oh, the Jersey Mosquito; oh, that free-trade mosquito;
He got on to Grover and chewed him all over,
Oh, that crazy mosquito;
And he raised a big lump, then flew to a stump,
Oh, the tricky mosquito;
Then Cleveland he swore and did vainly implore,

But his blood-sucking nibbles kept right on with his jigs.
And said no surrender, for I'm on a bender,
I'll get even before many years more,
Oh, the wily mosquito;
Oh, the wily mosquito.- Chorus.

Oh, the naughty mosquito: oh, the Jersey mosquito;
He'll look in your eye, then he'll say what a guy,
Oh, that naughty mosquito;
If he meets a sweet dude, he will not think it rude,
Oh, that naughty mosquito;
For he'll build a nice bed, on that very soft head,
Then he'll whisper, fine hair, and his dudeship will stare
Through the glass in his eye, saying, au thear, dear fly,
Won't you please go away; do not bite me to-day,
Oh, you naughty mosquito;
Oh, you naughty mosquito.- Chorus.

Oh, the Jersey mosquito; oh, the naughty mosquito;
His teeth they are sharp, and he toots on his harp,
Oh, the naughty mosquito:
He plays 'round the bed, for he's going to be fed,
Oh, the wily mosquito;
Then he gets down to biz, and you holler for Liz;
As the deeper he bores, the louder Liz snores;
Then you plead, oh, dear sir, bite a piece out of her,
And just leave me alone, for I'm all skin and bone.
Oh, you naughty mosquito;
Oh, you naughty mosquito.-Chorus.
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