American Old Time Song Lyrics: 49 It's All Gone Now

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 49

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Copyright, MDCCCXCIV, by Henry J. Wehman.
Words and Music by Walter P. Keen.

I often sigh for absent friends and wish they would return,
There's some who owe me money, and for them I sadly yearn;
I sigh for my bright dollars that once made my heart rejoice,
I spent about a thousand once to cultivate my voice.

But it's all gone now. It's all gone now,
Though once it sounded strong when I sang a little song;
And I've been sold, for I caught a cold
Drinking from wet glasses, so it's all gone now.

My brother never went to school and yet he knows a lot,
For he can cure the toothache or most any pain you've got;
He never uses medicine to cure each little ill.
A man who had the rheumatism came to brother Bill-

And It's all gone now, it's all gone now;
"Before I cure," said he, "why, you'll have to pay my fee."
Then he paid Bill quick, and he made the man kick
A hole right through a window, and the pane's gone now.

Maloney was a pugilist, and in a finish fight
The other fellow landed on his forehead with his right;
It raised a tumor, and he sent a doctor on the case;
The doctor gave a salve to cure the tumor on his face.

It's all gone now, it's all gone now;
The tumor left his head, but there's two more there instead;
Still he kept right on, from night till morn.
To use the salve until his face is all gone now.

I never was a drinking man, but one thing I uphold,
That is to keep some whiskey 'round for fear of catching cold;
I kept a bottle in my room for many months, you see,
Until a prohibitionist came there to room with me.

And, it's all gone now, it's all gone now;
he said he came to town just to put the liquor down;
And me he did convince that he's done it ever since,
I'll swear I never touched it, but it's all gone now.

Si Perkins came to town last week and tried to do the grand,
He said, "By Gosh, I'll see the sights as long as I can stand."
He walked as far as Hester street And met a pretty maid,
And in his purse he had two hundred dollars, so he said.

It's all gone now, it's all gone now;
She treated him so nice, combed his whiskers once or twice-
And Si, by Gosh, once owned a watch,
A diamond ring and locket, but they're all gone now.

I met an old schoolmate to-day who really made me stare,
For he was quite baldheaded, though he once had lovely hair;
He told me how he lost it, 'twas in childhood, so he said,
To mend his pants behind, his mother stood him on his head.

It's all gone now, he's bald John now;
He'd a rabbit painted there, And you'd swear it was a hare.

But a cinch He's got, for when the weather's hot
He paints a cobweb on to keep the flies off now.
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