American Old Time Song Lyrics: 49 Devils In New Jersey

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 49

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Written and Sung by P. J. Downey.

Last Sunday morn I rose up,
And I feeling kind of merry,
Says I, I'll have a good time,
So I crossed the Jersey ferry;
But never will I do the same-
The consequence was frightening;
But what can you expect of one
Filled up with Jersey lightening.

Oh! you talk of this, you talk of that,
You talk of places nosey.
But, by the-no, I will not swear-
The devil's in New Jersey.

I ran through mud up to my eyes-
I never yet was lazy;
A big policeman scooped me in,
And swore that I was crazy.
I was surrounded in the Cell
By mosquitoes a-flying;
When morning came, from loss of blood,
I thought I was a-dying.- Chorus.

When morning came, before the judge,
He looked on me with pity;
Says he, young man, the sentence is,
One hour to leave the city.
I did not wait to hear the rest-
You bet I wasn't noisy:
Whets I arrived in York I cried,
May the devil shoot New Jersey.- Chorus.

When I got home, my wife along
With a great big club was waiting;
She said to lay a hand on me
Her tender heart was breaking.
We had it up and down the floor.
At last I cried for mercy;
She yelled, you fool, go anywhere.
But keep away from Jersey,-Chorus.

Thou Hast Learned to Love Another.

Thou hast learned to love another,
Thou hast broken every vow:
We have parted from each other,
And my heart is lonely now.
I have taught my looks to shun thee,
When coldly we have met;
For another's smile hath won thee,
And thy voice I must forget,
Oh! is it well to sever
This heart from thine forever?
Can I forget thee? never!
Farewell, farewell, forever.

We have met in scenes of pleasure,
We have met in halls of pride:
I have seen thy new-found treasure,
And I've gazed upon thy bride.
Thy looks were stern and altered,
Thy words ran cold and high;
How my traitor courage faltered

When I dared to meet thine eye. Would I ne'er had met thee; Fain, fain, would I forget thee, 'Twere folly to regret thee-Farewell, farewell, forever!
We have met, and we have parted,
Yet I uttered scarce a word;
Like a guilty thing I started
When thy well-known voice I heard,
I have marked the timid lustre
Of thy downcast happy eye;
I have seen thee gaze upon her,
Forgetting I was nigh.
Oh! woman's love may grieve her,
And woman's pride will have her;
Life is fled when love deceives her-
Farewell, farewell, forever!
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