American Old Time Song Lyrics: 43 Ise Gwine To Joy Myself

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 43

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Tune-"Push Dem Clouds Away."
Written by Harry C. Burns and Sung by Emma Dougherty.

I'se as happy as a cherub, an' de folks is all away,
So I'se gwine to 'joy myself;
I'se as happy as a lambkin, playin' all the day,
So I'se gwine to 'joy myself.
Now wot's de use ob libin' if you can't hab fun-
Oh, I'se gwine to 'joy myself;
A-whoopin' an' a-singin' till my work is done,
Dat is how I 'joys myself.

Oh, yes, fo' shah, I'se gwine to 'joy myself,
Wid a-hoopin' an' a-singin' an' a-dancin' an' a-flingin',
Dat is how I 'joys myself.

It am nearly time fo' heben, so I'se got to hurry up
I'se a-gwine to 'joy myself;
'Stead ob scratchin' an' scramblin' to git in on top,
I'se a-gwine to 'joy myself:
'Stead ob watchin' an' a-lookin' fo' de angel wings,
I'se a-gwine to 'joy myself;
No, I can't help laffin, I see such funny things,
So I'se gwine to 'joy myself.- Chorus.

If all de angels come in chariots ob fire,
I'se a-gwine to 'joy myself;
Or eben little debbils wid a red-hot wire,
I'se a-gwine to 'joy myself.
Dar's no use ob foolin' down here below,
So I'se gwine to 'joy myself;
I'se got a little angel for a beau,
And I'se gwine to joy myself.- Chorus.
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