American Old Time Song Lyrics: 43 How Dy

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 43

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Copyright, 1893, by Victor S. Dodworth.
Words by Frank D. Pease. Music by Chas. E. Lepaige.

It is the proper caper for the dudelets nowadays,
To say, How-dy?-ah! how-dy?
It is a word that can be used in many different ways,
How-dy? how-dy?-ah! how-dy?
Now, for instance, when you see a dude with eyeglass in his eye,
With a massive cane, and pants turned up, he saunters slowly by,
It's because, you know, he's English, or he thinks he is, that's why
He says, How-dy?-ah! how-dy?

The sporty boys that stand around the corner of the street
All say, How-dy?-ah! how-dy?
Whene'er they see a lady friend they raise their hats to greet.
Her with How-dy?-ah! how-dy?
When a young man stays out late at night and goes upon a spree,
At the club he drinks champagne or beer till he can scarcely see,
Then he rolls home in the morning to his wife at half-past three
And says, How-dy? hic! how-ay?

The girls, too, nowadays are "fly," and when they're on the street
All say, How-dy?-ah! how-dy?
And when they're on the mash they always wink their eye so sweet
And say, How-dy?-ah! how-dy?
You will follow them and ask them if they'll take a little stroll;
They will simper, "Oh! "but all the same they'll work you for your roll;
And when they have got you busted they will leave you in a hole,
Then say, How-dy?-ah! how-dy?

A jay came from the country once, the city life to see,
And 'twas How-dy?-ah! how-dy?
And all the funny sights he saw they filled his heart with glee,
For 'twas How-ayf-ah! how-dy?
A bunco-steerer ran across old hayseed one fine day,
He got his watch and money in the old familiar way;
And now Mr. Jay is cautious when he hears a fellow say,
Hayseed, How-dy?-ah! how-dy?

The politicians nowadays will greet you with a smile,
And say, How-dy?-ah! how-dy?
It's just before election, they can use you for a while,
To say, How-dy?-ah! how-dy?
They will ask you in to have a drink, also a good cigar,
They will talk you deaf and dumb and blind while standing at the bar;
But when the election's over, why, they don't know who you are,
That's a How-dy?-fine how-ay.

The silver question agitates just now the public mind,
And it's How-dy?-great how-dy:
What money it is best to use 'tis hard for them to find,
What a How-dy-queer how-dy.
Now if times don't change ere long, I fear we'll have a panic, sure;
And if silver we must have, why, we must have the simon pure,
So 'twixt silver, gold and greenbacks, and a panic, 'tis a cure
And a How-dy- bad, how-dy.

I trust you will excuse me if I don't sing any more,
But say, How-dy?-ah! how-dy?
I know you like what I have sung or else you'd not encore
And say, How-dy?-ah! how-dy?
There is nothing else to sing about, I've told you all I know,
It is the same old "chestnut," for my mother told me so;
But there's one thing I am going to say to you before you go,
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