American Old Time Song Lyrics: 40 Peculiar

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 40

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Words by Albert Chevalier. Music by Charles Ingle.

The title of the song which I am now about to sing,
Is peculiar, most peculiar;
Some like it, others don't: but all agree about one thing­It's peculiar, most peculiar.
I'm anxious the composer of the tune should have his due,
So, in the strictest confidence, I don't mind telling you.
The melody's an old one, and he's dished it up as new­That's peculiar, most peculiar.

I'm told that for a baritone the voice I possess
Is peculiar, most peculiar;
One fact, on those who hear me sing, I manage to impress,
It's peculiar, most peculiar.
The compass, too, is limited, which makes it bad for me;
I only have one real note and that's a ten-or "C";
I very often dash at it And land upon a "B" ­That's peculiar, most peculiar.

My wife's a dear, good soul, but then her temper you must know
Is peculiar, most peculiar;
When anything annoys her and she fairly let's it go,
It's peculiar, most peculiar.
I came home late. "My dear," said I, "excuse this strange delay,
Been arguing on politics with Jones across the way."
"With Jones," quoth she; he's here, sir! Oh! was all that I could say;
That's peculiar, most peculiar.

My early reminiscences of singing comic songs
Are peculiar, most peculiar;
My sister played the comb, and Pa conducted with the tongs,
'Twas peculiar, most peculiar.
To all the penny readings in the neighborhood I went;
They pelted me with eggs; no doubt 'twas very kindly meant;
It's many years ago, but I remember that the scent
Was peculiar, most peculiar.

Some time ago I ventured on a journey in a train,
'Twas peculiar, most peculiar;
Through all the third-class carriages I sought a seat in vain,
'Twas peculiar, most peculiar
I'd almost reached my station when a too officious guard
Jumped in: I had no money, so I handed him a card;
Said he, "I've taken six like this; I don't want to be hard­It's peculiar, most peculiar.

A lady friend of mine had the most lovely golden hair,
'Twas peculiar, most peculiar;
She said she'd dye it auburn; I said, "Maiden, have a care,"
That's peculiar, most peculiar.
She bought some patent hair wash, which had full directions how
To redden it until she dared not venture near a cow;
She tried it on her hair, and, well, the color of it now
Is peculiar, most peculiar.

I acted in a drama and I didn't know my part,
That's peculiar, most peculiar;
My friends said, "Your idea, sir, of the histrionic art
Is peculiar, most peculiar.
You play a savage villain and you smile with fiendish glee;
That's right enough, but once on board the lugger I am free,
And then to smoke a cigarette 321 B. C.
Is peculiar, most peculiar.

I'm living at an eating house not very far away,

It's peculiar, most peculiar;
Few lodgers ever dream of stopping more than half a day,
It's peculiar, most peculiar'.
The food resembling prices that you pay is never great;
The mutton, beef, and rabbit pie are seldom "up to date,"
And oh! the fricassee ae peau, at fourpence a large plate,
is peculiar, most peculiar
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