American Old Time Song Lyrics: 40 Pecks Bad Boy

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 40

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Copyright, 1884, by White, Smith & Co.
Written by Chas. F. Pidgin. Composed by Chas. D. Blake.

I'm sure you all know I am Peck's bad boy,
My jokes have been read by you all;
But yet, perhaps, you will enjoy
If I count my tricks and my games recall;
My first was the one about Daisy sweet,
A letter she wrote to my Pa;
He nearly froze upon the street;
I told the whole "biz" to Ma.

I am Mister Peck's bad boy, my time and my mind employ
In cutting up tricks And dodging the licks, I am Mister Peck's bad boy;
I am Mr. Peck's bad boy, my time and my mind employ
In cutting up tricks And dodging the licks, I am Mister Peck's bad boy.

Next day at the table I played a joke,
I thought I should die of the croup,
For my poor Pa began to choke,
Because rubber pipe I put in the soup;
He chewed and he chewed and his face grew red,
But Ma to the joke soon did drop;
He called me back and then he said,
"Darn foolishness now must stop." -Chorus.

One night when my Pa to initiate
Had gone to his lodge, as he said,
My chum and me for him did wait,
And sat on the stairs till we heard his tread;
Pa opened the door, as he came inside,
A stick to a bladder we'd hitched,
We struck and stabbed; Pa burglars cried;
Down stairs in a heap he pitched.- Chorus.

My Pa, chum And me all went off to sail;
Some poles and the bait I had fetched,
And Pa was sure he'd struck a whale.
The hook in the tail of his coat had ketched.
He pulled, and we helped, in the lake he fell.
He yelled that the water was cold;
I never knew nor heard folks tell
That clothes so much dew could hold.- Chorus.

One day I told Pa that my chum and me
A lodge like the Masons had got;
That we would give him a degree
Just like his own lodge, and he said, "all but."
A goat we had managed to get up-stairs.
And safe in the closet had shut;
That goat did maul him everywhere;
Pa owned that it was all butt.- Chorus.

You've heard that my Pa is inclined to tip
His elbow, he drinks like a fish;
Twelve times a day he takes a nip.
Much more than his wife or his son could wish;
The neighbors could see, when t hey happened in,
'Twas more than we chose to endure;
We took his flask, marked Fish's Gin,
And filled it with Liver Cure.- Chorus.

But all was in vain, still chock full he got;
We feared in the jail he would land;
My chum and me worked up a plot.

And swore we would lend him a helping hand.
One night, while be slept, with big chunks of ice,
Began to dissect him, in fun-
He prayed and begged, swore once, then twice,
With whiskey he now was done.-Chorus.

For years I have toiled, so my Pa would be
The pride of his wife And his son;
I hope that sight we soon shall see.
The bad boy's own work it will be when done.
Of boys few are placed in the world like I.
A Pa that will swear And will drink
My duty saw and said I'd try-
Reform is my line, I think.- Chorus.

I've done some good deeds in my life so far;
I mean to do more if I live;
From raging drink to save my Pa,
The rest of my life I would gladly give.
My foes may abuse, but in vain they lie.
Like glue I shall stick to the fight.
When boys called bad do good like I,
There's plenty to say I'm right.- Chorus.
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