American Old Time Song Lyrics: 40 Marguerite Waiting For A Lord

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 40

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MARGUERITE(Waiting for a Lord)
Copyright, 1893, by White-Smith Music: Publishing Co.
Words by R. Willrose. Music by V. Fassone.

Of the boys who vow they love me, I have had at least a score,
First a gay and charming Frenchman, then a handsome, dark Signor;
Then a stout and hearty "Deutscher," and a Spaniard full of pride.
Then a smart and cute young Yankee, and they all to me have sighed:

Marguerite, I long have loved you madly,
Marguerite, I really want you badly;
Marguerite, oh dear! I love you so,
Ah, tell me, tell me quickly, shall I stay or go?

It was on the gay boulevardies, as I passed amid the throng,
And was feeling rather lonely, that my Mounseer came along;
He'd the loveliest moustachio, and tres, tres chic was he.
And we'd not gone far together, when be softly sighed to me:

Marguerite,je t'aime, je t'aime.
Marguerite, d'you think you feel the same?
Marguerite, ma foi! I love you so,
Oh, tell me, tell me quickly, shall I stay or go?

Then a Yankee from Chicago came across the pond to see
All the finest sights of London, so of course he soon saw me!
Then I told him I was longing for a peep at the World's Fair;
Says my Yankee, smart as ever:" Wal, I guess I'll take you there."

Marguerite, you bet I love you madly;
Marguerite, I guess I want you badly;
Marguerite, you'd best believe that's so,
Ah, tell me, tell me quickly, shall I stay or go?

Now it happen'd that I wandered into Whitechapel one day,
M'here the costers all adore me in their own "chevalier" way;
There was one who most politely always used to doff his cap;
If he didn't there accost me, just as every other chap:

Marguerite, you really are a blazer;
Marguerite, you even beat Elizer:
Marguerite, jump on my barrer, do!
So 'elp me, I will only love the moke and you.

You will think it rather funny I am still in single bliss,
But if you'll keep it secret, the reason why 'tis this-
For an English lord I'm waiting, and I think the time is near,
When, with his arms around me, he'll whisper in my ear:

Marguerite, I long have loved you madly;
Marguerite, I really want you badly;
Marguerite, be Lady So and So;
Then I shall answer quickly, and it won't be "No!"
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