American Old Time Song Lyrics: 40 Biddy Maloney

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 40

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Copyright, 1874, by White, Smith & Co.
By Harry Dirch.

Says Patrick to Biddy, "Good morning, me dear;
It's a bit of it sacret I've got for your ear;
It's yourself that is lookin' so charming the day
That me heart in me breast, is fast slippin' away."
"'Tis you that can flutter," Miss Biddy replies,
As She throws him a glance from her merry blue eyes;
"Arrah, thin," cries Patrick, "'twas thinking of you
That is makin' me heart-sick, me darlint, that's thrue;
That's makin' me heart-sick, me darlint, that's thrue.

Oh, Biddy, me darlint, I've loved none but you,
And me heart is now breaking for you, now that's thrne;
It's a bit of the flirting ye've done in your life,
But I care not a ha'per if you'll so my wife.

Sure, I've waited a lone while to fell ye this same,
And Biddy Maloney'll so such a foine name."
Cries Biddy, "Have done with yer tarkin', I pray,
Sure, me heart's not me own for this many a day.
I gave it away to a good lookin' boy.
And he thinks there is no one like Biddy Malloy;
Don't bother me, Pat, just be aisy" says she;
"And indade, if ye'll let me, I will that" says he.
"Indade, if ye'll let me, I will that," says he--Chorus

"It's a bit of a flirt that ye are on the sly,
I'll not throuble ye more, but I'll bid ye good-bye."
"Ah, Patrick," cries Biddy, "an' where will ye go?
Sure, it is not the best of good manners ye show
To lave me so suddin!" "Och. Biddy," cries Pat,
"You have knocked the cock feathers jist out of me hat."
"Come back, Pat," says she. "Now, what for thin?" says he.
"Oh, bekase I meant you all the time, sir," says she.
Bekase she meant me all the time, now you see.- Chorus.
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