American Old Time Song Lyrics: 39 The Irishman And The Whale

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 39

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The Irishman and the Whale.

If you have never heard the tale
Of Paddy swallowed by a whale,
Oh, list, and I to show it's true,
In his own words will tell it you.
Says he: "'twas I my mother made
To go and learn the Greenland trade;
And I grew up as was her wish-
In catching whales, the mighty fish.
Och groan, och hone! all you that can,
One day a whale against us ran,
Capsized the boat, just like a pan,
And swallied me, O'Callaghan.

I had been gobbled near a week.
When I was awakened by a squeak,
And lo! behold! my eyes did meet
A sarpent measuring ninety feet;
On seeing he was rather shy,
'You are American born?' says I.
Said he, 'Oh, yes! and guess I can-
I calculate you're an Irishman.'
Och groan, och hone! O'Callahan
The snake to say with me began,
'May every priest put in his ban,
The whale that swallys an Irishman.'

The viper said, as down he sot,
'This whale a babe in arms has got.'
'Sure then,' said I, 'I know a plan
By which to save us both you can:
Do you go up on some pretence,
And offer to nurse it free of expense;
She'll open her mouth at this, no doubt,
Then twist your tail and pull me out.'
Och groan, och hone! O'Callahan.
The creature said, 'I like the plan,
And may the priest put in his ban
The whale that swallys an Irishman.'

The sarpent done as I bade-
Became the fish's nursery-maid.
And though I held him by the tail,
He slipped his cable and set sail.
Och crocodile! ungrateful thief,
To leave me here without relief,
And robbed of hope of seeing day.
said my prayers and swooned away.
Och groan, och lionet O'Callahau.
Sure didn't I suggest the plan?
May every priest put in his ban
The snake that cheats an Irishman.

I on a suddent was brought to,
All by a mighty hullabaloo;
The whale was caught, my own ship's crew
Just like a dream appeared in view;
Says they,' Is that O'Callahan
'Hurroo!' says I, 'I am that man,
Once more alive above the ground,
With thanks to Providence, safe And sound.'
Long life to you, O'Callahan!'
Says they, as I to pray began,
'May every priest put in his ban
The whale that swallys an Irishman.'

Now when I told 'em in the beast
That I had been six weeks, at least.
And how the snake would say the same,
But that he daren't appear for shame;
They laughed And swore both one and all
I'd never been there at all, at all.
That they had pulled me from the sea,
And now had just recovered me.
Och hone! says I, O'Callahan,
To hear the unbelieving clan!
But all they said, was ' Catch, who can,
The whale who swallied an Irishman.'
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