American Old Time Song Lyrics: 39 Klein Threw 21

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 39

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Copyright, 1893, by Frank Tousey.
By J. H. West. Arranged by Arthur Sinclair.

Six fellows, I was one of them, once loved with all our might
A charming little girl named Lena Gray;
The six of as sang loving songs around her house each night,
The fix of us thought of her all the day;
The six of us sent presents And also little notes,
In which we vowed quite constant we would be-
In fact, the whole half dozen of as quickly made ourselves
Six great big chumps, as you would wish to see.

Spoken-You see, six of us loved one girl, so one night we all met, And I said,
"Boys, we can't all marry the girl; suppose we throw dice for her? "They all
agreed, I got the dice, and-

Klein threw twenty-one, Smidt threw twenty-five;
Meyerheim threw "thirty-three" to keep the game alive;
"Forty a was the highest when the turn came 'round to me;
I had the call, and beat them all by throwing "forty-three."

The other five poor fellows gave a look of deep despair
As soon as I had made the winning throw;
Poor Klein went nearly crazy, Baumgartner tore his hair,
The five of them were filled with fearful woe;
I ordered drinks for all of them, And shouted, "She is mine";
I laughed and drank until I nearly cried;
We all shook hands, And after that I bid them all good-night
And started off at once to claim my bride.

Spoken-I went right to Lena's house, went in the parlor, she was sitting on
the sofa, I got on my knees, and said, "You are mine." She said,
"I don't understand you." I said, "Listen" -Chorus.

She looked at me as if she thought that I had gone insane;
To calm her then quite vainly I contrived;
Said she, "You are mistaken, sir, because I am engaged;
He's down stairs now-in fact, has just arrived";
I started with amazement, heard a step upon the stairs,
A tall man entered, saw me on my knees,
Then Lena told him what I'd said, and then to finish up,
Said, "Show him to the street door, if you please."

Spoken-The man said, "Take your flight!" I took five of them; I never
went down stairs so quick in all my life, he kicked me crazy. I was in the
insane asylum for three months. I got out yesterday. The doctor said that I
used to walk up and down my cell all night long, saying to myself- Chorus.
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