American Old Time Song Lyrics: 39 Heroes Of Every Day Life

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 39

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Copyright, 1892, by Frank Tousey.
Words by George Horncastle. Music by Felix McGlennon.

Let as take a stroll up Broadway, watch the various passers by,
Hither comes an aged woman-hark! what means that fearful cry?
"'Tis a mad dog, gracious heavens! Kill the beast!" cries every one.
See, they shrink away in terror-God above, what can be doner

Up comes a policeman on hearing the sound,
And from her he drags the infuriated hound;
Oh! see how they're struggling now on the ground,
With passionate madness both rife.
The dog he despatches-but God, what a sight!
He's mad now, himself, from the hound's fatal bite.
And ere the night comes his brave soul takes its flight,
Brave hero of everyday life.

Out upon the storm-tossed ocean, leagues away across the main,
Is a gallant vessel striving 'gainst a fearful hurricane.
She is sinking-"To the boats, lads-women first! Now null for shore!"
Then the crew shout, "Come on, Captain, there is room for just one more."

The skipper looks 'round on the deck; there lies near
The poor little cabin boy half-dead with fear;
He lowers the lad to the boat, gives a cheer,
And cries, "Give my love to my wife;
And tell her a coward I never could be;
Good-bye, lads; God speed you; think kindly of me."
Like a brave Yankee tar he goes down in the sea,
A hero of every-day life.

There is heard a cry at midnight, every moment rising higher,
And 'tis one of fearful meaning; 'tis a lodging-house on fire;
Clust'ring at the open window of the very highest room
There are three distracted children, death will surely be their doom.

But ah! the escape, hip hurrah! it has come;
The fireman mounts up to that dangerous room-
The thought of his own little darlings at home
Now pierces his heart like a knife,
But still he goes onward, fierce flames all around;
Great heavens! he's gone-no, the children he's found;
Risks his life for theirs, brings them safe to the ground,
Great hero of every-day life.

Where the river's darkly flowing, see! a girl is standing there;
She's been tempted, then deserted, and is driven to despair.
With one cry to heaven for mercy, to the brink now see her glide.
Next moment she is vainly struggling in the strongly running tide.

A laboring man, very poor, but so brave.
With lightning-like rush plunges down in the wave­"For my daughter's sake, that poor life I will save."
One moment of terrible strife.
He cares not for danger, he's true to the core;
She slips and sinks down, but he grasps her once more,
And then, ah, God bless him! he brings her to shore,
True hero of everyday life.
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