American Old Time Song Lyrics: 39 Have Another

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 39

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Copyright, 1892, by Hopwood & Crew.
Words printed by permission of Novello, Ewer & Co.
Written and Composed by E. W. Hogera.

I've been 'round to the club, and whenever I go
It seems a peculiar thing
That the members have troubles and cart-loads of woe,
Which they to my notice will bring;
I'm a jovial fellow myself, don't you know,
I'm jolly in every spot;
Well-you just ask my tradesmen, and they ought to know,
For haven't I jollied the lot!

Spoken-Never worry-drown worries-drown 'em-whether they be a noisy
wife, mother-in-law or tax collector-drown 'em. Not that I'm given to drink­I'm next door to a teetotaler-well, a teetotaler lives next door to me. Still I
believe in a gargle-And if one doesn't touch the spot-" Have another! "that's
the advice I always give my friends. Yesterday morning Jones came to me and
said his son had given him a black eye; I said: "Cheer up, old man-

Have another-go on-it won't hurt you,
It will be a good match for the other;
You should never say "die ", you'll be right by and by,
Have another, old boy, have another."

You may guess I've been having another to-night,
But when you're with jolly old chums
And you win every toss, you don't notice the drink,
So easy it goes when it comes.
Ain't it funny how things seem to mix in your brain,
When you get just a little bit tight?
I have taken home three fellows' dust-coats this week,
And I've had another to-night.

Spoken-Dare say I shall "have another "to-morrow, by accident, of course.
Popkins came to me this evening, dressed all in black, I said: "Hullo, Pop­kins! training for bogie man?" he said: "No, I've been to the cemetery." I
said: "Oh, gathering daisies!" Popkins said: "No, I've lost the missis-the
third one-I can't keep'ein any how." I said: "Don't let that upset you- Chorus.

'Bout an hour or so back, with a few noisy chums,
From the club we strolled into a "pub"
We all tossed 'round for drinks, but we'd not enough coin,
And how to pay up was the rub;
Jones asked for the change of an old postage stamp,
Blenkinsop said: "I'll leave you my watch."
"Outside" said the landlord, that thing wouldn't pay
For one round of two-pennorth's of Scotch. "
Spoken-That's the worst of those watches made with "alum-in-em." Jones
asked the landlord to give him change for a summons.- He got it-landlord gave
him the chucker out for it-most amusing thing. Just at that moment in walked
a telepost boy with a letter-gram for Blenkinsop-Most amusing thing.-When
he opened the telephone he said: "Great Scotch! read this phonograph from
my wife-I've had another baby." I said: "Blenkinsop, give me your hand,
old boy- Chorus.
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