American Old Time Song Lyrics: 38 Ould Ireland So Green

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 38

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Mickey Doolan was one of them boys as went fighting.
And breaking of skulls on St. Patrick's Day:
There was meetin's of factions, and rowin's And ructions,
And murderous deeds-ah! the devil to pay!
he went armed wid an illigant sprig of shillalah.
Says Biddy, his wife, "Is it flghtin' ye mean?"
Says Mickey. "Don't bother-go home to your mother;
I'm going out to fight for ould Ireland so green"

There's Billy O'Mulligan, Jimmy O'Snllivan,
Barney O'Toole and Johnny Mackay:
And Bobby O'Ryan and Shemus O'Brien,
Goin' flghtin' and tearin'-it's St. Patrick's Day.

Well we meets Danny Looran, and says to him: "Danny,
Have ye come out to fight for the Queen or the Pope?
Says Dan, "It don't matter, for both or for either,
So long as I fight, that's sufficient, I hope!"
Says Mick, "That'll do," and wid a shout of "Hurroo!"
He jumped on Dun's coat and smashed his canbeen ;
And they nearly got murdered, but each of them knew.
That he fought for his country-old Ireland so green.-Chorus.

When they'd done with each other, they sat down to rest.
And they felt that they both a good action had done;
They'd fought for their country and bled for their homes,
And nearly got murdered And relished the fun!
Then they both went together to fight side by side,
And they met Larry Moore wulking calm and serene;
So they broke in his skull, and knocked in his teeth,
And jumped on his chest-for ould Ireland so green.-Chorus.

Well they got in a tangle and hit right And left.
And smashed at each other-the blood flowed galore:
And Danny hit Larry, And Larry hit Danny,
And Michael from both of them made the blood pour!
Then they all fell at once, and they sprawled on the ground.
Both Danny and Larry and Michael between;
But they wouldn't let go, so they all went together,
And rolled in a ditch-for ould Ireland so green. - Chorus.

Now some more sons of Erin were fighting for freedom.
As they rowled in the ditch, heard them patriots cry;
But they soon fished 'em out, And for love of Home Rule, boys.
They gave 'em a trash in' before they were dry!
Then they all at once felt as they wanted some liquor,
So away they went to a whiskey shebeen:
And they murdered the keeper and smoked his tobacco.
And emptied the till for old Ireland so green.--Cho.

They'd just one more scrimmage before they wor partin',
And there wasn't so many got off with their lives;
But them as wor left of them true sons of Erin,
Arrived safely home and pitched into their wives,
Danny Looran forgot where he left his right eyeball.
And Larry Moore's face wasn't fit to be seen,
And Mickey wor tired, and wouldn't go walking,
So rode home on a shutter for ould Ireland so green - Chorus
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