American Old Time Song Lyrics: 38 Once Was Enough For Me

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 38

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Sung with great success by John McBride.

When I was a gambler my business it was fine,
I played penny ante in a dizzy shanty, and the limit it was a dime;
I held four kings, the cursed things, and I bet sway like a prince.
But the other fellow sat with four aces pat, and I've been broke ever since.

Once was enough for me, tra la la.
Once was enough for me:
I was fooling with the deck, and I got it in the neck.
Once was enough for me.

There was a country chap so witty, one time came to this city,
Who thought on all the tips he was fly:
So this jolly, jolly joker thought bed try his band at poker,
So, of course, he went into the game.
He played there for hours, never dreaming of the bowers
That the other fellow held for a joke;
But the poor slob bet away, and be never had his say
Until he went home broke.

Once was enough for him, tra la la.
Once was enough for him;
Early in the morn be went back to hoe the corn,
Once was enough for him.

One time a friend of mine he spied a saloon,
And thought that he'd go in;
He loved the dicker that flickers in the liquor,
That's talked of as old Holland gin.
Hello, there! he cried, as the waiter he spied,
I'll drink whiskey this time, you bet;
When a gay bartender, so big and so slender,
Gave him water to drink instead.

Once was enough for him, tra la la,
Once was enough for him;
Loudly be did cry: "Do you think I want to die?"
Once was enough for him.
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