American Old Time Song Lyrics: 37 Mccartys New High Hat

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 37

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Tune-" McCormick's Irish Flat."
Words by T. H. Tooker.

I'm acquainted wid a gintleman, Patrick McCarty is his name;
He's got "Donegal" whiskers on his face and from Ireland he Came;
He's the pride of all the tenants that live in the shamrock flat,
For, upon me soul, not long ago he bought it new high hat.

McCarty's new high hat was made especially for Pat;
I've seen many a stove-pipe in me time, but never a-one like that;
And whin he's got it on his head- I'll tell yez straight and flat:
The neighbors cry us he goes by, "oh! what a foine high hat! "

Now at the shamrock flat, I'm told, yis, nearly every day.
It takes three coppeis wid big sticks to keep the crowds away;
For the people come from miles unwind to take a glance at Pat-
Shure, the cops think of resigning since McCarty bought that hat.- Chorus.

A German band stopped at the flat, 'twas on St. Patrick's day,
"The Wearing of the Green" was the tune that they did play;
This brought Mac. to the window, an' whin the leader he saw Pat-
Begorra, yis the band struck up: "Where Did You Get that Hat." - Chorus.

If you're looking for a soft job on McCarty make a call.
For he's got a great "pull," so I'm told, down at the City Hall;
He holds an aisy job himself, wid a salary large and fat;
He's solid wid the politicians since he's bought a new high hat. - Chorus.

McCarfy's very high-toned now, he drinks no more mixed-ale.
But, like a foine aristocrat, he guzzles champagne by the pail.
He eats no more pigs-feet and cabbage-it don't agree wid Pat;
You'd think he owned a gold mine since he's bought a new high hat.- Chorus.

McCarty made a speech one night at a political meeting;
Whin he said, "I am a Dimtnycrat! "oh, he got a hearty greeting.
But the meeting ended in a fight, for a blackguard insulted Pat;
" He yelled out: "You lie, McCarty, you're talking through your hat.- Chorus.
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