American Old Time Song Lyrics: 37 Jim Crow

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 37

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Come listen all you gals and boys, I's just from Tucky-hoe;
I'm going to sing a little song, my name's Jim Crow.

Weel about and turn about an' do its' so,
Ebery time I wheel about I jump Jim Crow.

Oh, I'm a roarer on de fiddle, and down in old Virginny
They say I play de skyentific like Massa Paganini.- Chorus.

I went down to de ribber, I didn't mean to stay,
But dere I see so many gals, I couldn't get away.- Chorus.

I get 'pon a flat boat, I cotch de Uncle Sam,
Deu I went to see de place wher' dey kill'd Packenham.- Chorus.

And den I go to Orleans, an' feel so full of fight,
Dey put me in de Calaboose, and keep me dare all night.- Chorus.

When I go out I hit a man, his name I now forgot;
But there was nothing left 'cept a little grease spot.- Chorus.

I whip my weight in wild cats, I eat an alligator,
And tear up more ground dan kifer fifty load of tater.-Chorus.

I sit upon a hornet's nest, I dance upon my head,
I tie a wipor 'round my neck and den I goes to bed.-Chorus.

Dere's possum up de gumtree, and raccoon in de hollow,
Wake snakes, for June bugs stole my half a dollar.-Chorus.

A ring-tailed monkey an' a rib-nose baboon
Went out de odder day to spend de arternoon.- Chorus.

Oh, de way dey bake de hoe cake in old Virginny neber tire,
Dey put de doc upon de foot, And hole it to de fire.-Chorus.

O, by trade I am a carpenter, but, be it understood,
De way I git my liben' is by sawing de tick ob wood.- Chorus.

I'm a full-blooded niggar, ob de real ole stock,
An' wid my head and shoulder I can split a horse block.-Chorus.

I struck a Jarsey niggar, in de street de oder day,
And I hope I neber stir, if he did'nt turn gray.-Chorus.

I'm berrv much afraid of late dis jumping will be no good.
For while de Crow are dancing de Wiles will saw de wood.-Chorus.

But if dey get honest by sawing wood like slaves,
Dere's an end to de business ob our friend Massa Hayes.- Chorus.

I met a Philadelphia niggar, dressed up quite nice and clean.
But de way he 'bused de Yorkers I thought was berry mean.- Chorus.

So I knocked down dis Sambo, and shut up his light,
For I'm just about as sassy as if I was half white.- Chorus.

But he soon jumped up again, and "gan for me to feel;
Says I, "Go away, you nigger, or I'll skin you like an eel." - Chorus.

I'm so glad dat I'm a niggar, and don't you wish you was too,
For den you'll gain popularity by jumping Jim Crow.- Chorus.

Now, my brodder niggars, I do not think it right,

Dat you should laugh at dem who happen to be white.-Chorus.
Kase it dare misfortune, an' dey'd spend ebery dollar
If dey only could be gentlemen ob color.-Chorus.

It almost break my heart to see dem envy me.
And from my soul I wish detn full as black as we.- Chorus.

What stuff it is in dem to make de debbil black,
I'll prove dat he his white in de twinkling ob a crack.- Chorus.

For you see, loved brodders, as true as he hab a tail,
It is his berry wickedness what make him turn pale.-Chorus.

I went to Hoboken to hab a promenade.
And dar I see de pretty gals, drinking de lemonade.- Chorus.

Dat sour and dat sweet is berry good, by gum.
But the best of lemonade is made by adding rum.- Chorus.

De Broadway belles, when dey carry full sail,
Around dem wear a funny thing just like a fox tail.- Chorus.

When you hear de name of it, I sure it make you roar;
Why I axed' em what it was, and dey said it was a boar.- Chorus.

I'm for freedom, and for union altogether,
Aldough I'm a black man, de white is called my brodder.-Chorus.

I'm for union to a gal, and dis is a stubborn fact.
But if I marry and don't like it, I'll nullify de act.- Chorus.

I'm tired of being a single man, an' I'm 'tarmined to get a wife,
For what I thing the happiest, is de sweet married life.-Chorus.

Its berry common 'mong de white to marry and get divorced,
But dat I'll nebber do unless I'm really forced.- Chorus.

I think I see myself in Broadway, wid my wife upon my arm,
An' to follow up de fashion, dere sure can be no harm.- Chorus.

And I caution all white dandies not to come in my way,
For if dey insult me, dey'll in de gutter lay.-Chorus.
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