American Old Time Song Lyrics: 36 Three Christmas Eves

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 36

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Copyright, 1892, by Francis, Day & Hunter.
Written by Norton Atkins.
Composed by Norton Atkins and Victor Wallace.

Peace on earth, that holy message, o'er the frosty morning swells.
Peace on earth, good will to men, clang the noisy Christmas bells;
Telling once again the story, story sent from Heav'n above.
Singing of the rest eternal and a kind-eyed Saviour's love!
And a kind-eyed Saviour's love!
Here to-day within this city two hearts have been joined for aye.
King the bells with double meaning for this is their wedding day;
Hand in hand, henceforth together, they must tread life's thorny path.
Share together all Its pleasures, share together all its wrath.

Darling he cries, as be clasps his young bride,
I fear no danger with you by my side;
I will be pure, love, whatever betide,
You I will never deceive;
"Jack," she replies, as she looks in his eyes,
"Never we'll part until one of us dies;"
Future to them seemed a sweet paradise,
On this Christmas eve!

Once again the joy bells ringing, swiftly have those twelve months past,
To them both a dream of pleasure, fate ordained 'twas not to last;
'Twas indeed the old sad story, comes the tempter on the scene,
Love was lord of that small homestead, 'till a villain came between.
'Till till a villain came between.
Wealth and splendor he has promised, and a life of guilty sloth,
Costly dress for child and husband, and the fool she sells them both;
Left her home And bonny baby, left them all without a groan,
And the husband, home returning, realizes she has flown.

"Flown," he exclaimed, then in accents so wild,
"I see It All, by a villain beguiled;
She has flown from me, left me and the child,
Left us alone here to grieve.
Falls on his knees then with agony rife,
Oh! God forgive her, she still is my wife;
Tho' Heaven knows she has blighted my life
On that Christmas eve!

Christmas eve within an attic, one more year has passed away,
Wondrous changes she has witnessed, since that last eventful day;
For a time her life was peaceful, and her titled lover kind.
But at last he changed toward her, for her former home she pined.
For her former home she pined.
Then one fatal day they quarreled, sprang the noble to his feet,
Rings the bell, cries to the lackey, throw that woman in the street;
Now within this dreary attic, all her wicked life comes back,
She resolves that she will end it, end It In the water black.

Back to her mind comes the past like a dream.
One last, long look, then a plunge in the stream;
Who Is this leaps to her help with a scream?
Heavens! 'tis hard to believe;
Safe on his breast, see, he pillows her head,
Merciful Heavens! her spirit has fled;
Side by side husband and wife were found dead
On that Christmas eve!
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