American Old Time Song Lyrics: 36 Just Another

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 36

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Copyright, 1890, by M. Witmark & Sons,
Words by Cavanagh and Robey. Music by G. M. Rosenberg.

I know it's hardly right for me to talk about my sex,
But still those over-modest girls a faint would surely vex;
Give me the girl who when she's kissed will never pout or cry,
Who thinks one kiss is not enough- that is, when no one's nigh.

Spoken-Not one of those girls who wants to be kissed a score of times, but
a girl who wants:

Just another, just another,
Just another sip of honey, for it makes you feel so queer;
And it's pleasing, oh! so pleasing.
Kissing jolly girls who ask for just another.

Spoken-Not too many, you know, but -(Repeat Chorus.)

Some time ago I used to have a friend who'd come to tea,
And when no one was looking, I would sit upon his knee;
I could not count the times he's placed his arms around my waist,
And often have I said to him, "Well, this just suiis my taste."

Spoken-Sometimes he'd give me such a squeeze, and say, "Have you had
enough?" and I invariably exclaim:

Just another, just another.
Just another little pressure, for it makes me feel so queer;
Oh, the squeezing is so pleasing,
Squeezing loving girls who ask for just another.

Spoken-So matter how hard he squeezed me, I always ask for-(Repeat

You'll see a fellow watch a girl as through the street she'll go,
Especially if it's muddy, for her ankles she must show;
He'll say, "Oh, look here, Charley, see the darling lift her dress,
And what a well-formed ankle! why, it's tasty, I confess.

Spoken-His friend says, "Come along, old man, you ought to be ashamed
of yourself; you don't want to look again." He turns with a sigh, and exclaims:

Just another, just another.
Just another sip of honey, for it makes me feel so queer;
Struck by Cupid, nearly stupid,
Human nature makes me ask for just another.
Spoken-Don't be impatient, my boy.-(Repeat Chorus.)

"Is married life a failure?" That's the question of the day;
Some answer, "yes," some answer, "no; "but I've a word to say:
When husbands walk the floor all night in cold and misery,
With squalling kids, why marriage then no failure seems to be.

Spoken-You come home from business, meet the nurse at the door, and she

Just another, just another,
Just another little baby that will set you almost wild,
And another, and another,
And for fourteen years it's been-well-just another.

Spoken-What? So sir! Sot any more, but- (Repeat Chorus.)

May be a game of poker you have been induced to play.
You cannot win a pot and vow you'll quit it right away.
You know you're being swindled, but you've not the power to stop.
You get so fascinated, nearly every cent you drop,

Spoken-Somebody suggests that it shall be the last hand, but, when you lose
it, you say:

Just another, just another.
Just another little jack-pot, we'll let this one be the last;
Watch the faces, kings and aces,
Though you've got no chance, you ask for just another.
Spoken-You can't resist-(Repeat Chorus.)

You go out on a racket and get loaded up with wine.
You vow the company is good, the girls are all divine;
You meet some friends who've just returned from some far foreign clime,
And as it's long since last you met, you have a real good time.
Spoken--You know you're full, but just for old acquaintance sake, you say

Just another, just another.
Just another little taster, let it be champagne or beer.
Oh, the feeling, when you're reeling.
Though you've got enough, you ask for just another.
Spoken-Come on and let's have-(REPEAT Chorus.)
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