American Old Time Song Lyrics: 35 My Wedding Day

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 35

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Copyright, 1891, by Willis Woodward & Co.
Words and Music by Edgar Selden.

I'm a married man at last, boys, I have done the proper thing,
For I've wooed and won a lassie, and she wears my wedding ring;
We had courted one whole winter by her daddy's cozy fire.
And to make her mine forever was my constant, fond desire.
I was bashful and quite timid, I was so afraid to "pop,"
That my courage always weakened, And my pleading had to stop;
But Matilda she was hopeful, and she knew what I would say.
So she led me on so gently that we named the fatal day.

Wasn't I proud on my wedding day,
Hast'ning to church in the month of May;
Hear the bells ringing, hear the choir singing,
Out from the organ-loft old and gray;
Hoses were strewn down the centre aisle.
Classmates looked on with a friendly smile,
Flushed was the bride who stood by my side,
For this was my glad wedding day.

First I hurried to my tailors, who kept shop down in the "Strand,"
And gave orders for a" full dress," that was eloquent And grand;
Then I visited my hatter; got my license on the way;
Cracked a pint of "mum" at dinner, and was feeling jolly gay.
In the evening at the club-house I bade my chums good-bye,
And they toasted me with bumpers of the rarest, rare old rye;
All agreed I was a hero, unknown dangers to embrace,
But the last thing I remember, I was (hic) carried from the place--Chorus.

Soon the day that was selected to unite two loving hearts
Rolled around with sunny splendor, bringing jellies, cakes and tarts;
Soon the old church bells were chiming, calling friends from far And near;
I in my lodgings, frantic, saw the minister disappear.
Where, oh, where was that blanked tailor, the cause of all my woes?
Ah, ha! some one is knocking-please, mister, here's your clothes;
I jumped in them in a jiffy-wildly tear my hair and swear-
For the coat would fit a hay-stack, and the pants too small to wear.- Chorus.

With my temper sorely ruffled, I mode my way with haste
To the cottage of Matilda, for there's little time to waste;
When we meet, she stares in horror, asks me, "what on earth I mean";
To come dressed in such a manner is enough to turn one green."
I ask pardon, say I'm sorry, and every other thing;
Goodness, gracious! what a spasm! I have lost her wedding ring!
False alarm-I've found it safely; oh, what luck I've had to-day;
Just another shock like that one, And my brain will melt away. - Chorus.

We are standing at the altar, every one is hushed And still.
But a thousand eyes are on me, And I feel uncommon ill;
I grow dizzy, weak And nervous, cold chills roll down my spine.
Till a voice of thunder asks me, "Dost thou take her to be thine?"
"Yes." I stammer in a whisper, it's all that I can say,
And the parson further questions. "Who will give this girl away?"
"I can," yells her little brother, "but you bet yer life I'll not!"
While his mamma warms him soundly on a very tender spot.- Chorus.

'Twas last night we celebrated twenty years of married life-
Twenty years of joys And sorrows, of happiness And strife;
We recalled the days of courtship, we blessed our blissful fate,
Talked about the dear old bulldog and her father's old front gate.
Golden days to be remembered, which most of us have had;
of strolls when it was moonlight, of escapes from her dear dad;
How we'd linger in the parlor until the clock struck two,
And it still remains the fashion, for our daughter does so too. - Chorus.
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