American Old Time Song Lyrics: 35 It's All Right Now

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 35

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Copyright, 1892, by C. H. Jost
Words and Music by Harry S Miller.

Now, this world is all a stage, and from quite a tender age
We play our parts through life until the last act's o'er.
But there's lots of people, though, really think they own the show.
And say the earth is not as good as in days of yore.

But it's all right now, it's all right now.
Don't grumble like a dunce, for you only die but once;
Enjoy life ere it's fled, when you die you're long time dead,
The earth will take care of itself, for it's all right now.

Once a nice young man did work in a dry-goods store as clerk,
And 'round the place quite useful did he make himself,
But be thought it was too hard, selling ribbons by the yard,
So he said he'd leave and give up work and save his health.

But he's all right now, he's all right now,
He's got a job, of course, for he's on the police force,
And nothing else to do, but to mash the girls a few,
As he stands upon the corner, for he's all right now.

Mister Brown was caught, they say, by his wife the other day,
A-strolling with another on the avenue.
And it made her mad, of course-she filed papers for divorce,
So the trial came up this afternoon at half-past two.

But he's all right now, he's all right now,
The jury did agree, and, of course, they set him free;
He gave a joyous shout, and he called the jury out.
Well, it only cost him twenty, but he's all right now.

Willie called, with heart so light, on his sweetheart Sunday night,
And lingered 'till the clock had struck its midnight tone;
Soon he heard a step somewhere, like a stealing down the stairs,
And Willie knew it was a case of "Home, Sweet Home."

But he's all right now, He's all right now,
He in the papers found that her papa had been drowned;
Untimely fate he met, and they haven't found him yet,
But dear Willie runs the parlor, for he's all right now.

There was once a poor old maid, who was very much afraid
She'd have to end her life alone in single bliss;
She had lovely sunset hair and it fell in ringlets fair.
But she never knew the meaning of a good-night kiss.

But she's all right now, she's all right now.
She's married, so she says, to a boy she took to raise;
He's twenty, and the maid is forty in the shade,
But she says it's no one's business, for she's all right now.

Little Johnny's papa's gun was a double-barreled one,
It hung behind the door upon the white-washed wall;
Johnny said he'd have some sport, or, at least, that's what he thought,
For when he blew in, the gun blew out, and that was all.

But he's all right now, he's all right now,
And all of him they found they have laid beneath the ground;

When Gabriel blows his blast, they will have an awful task
Of getting John together, but he's all right now.

Now a Reuben came one day to see city life so gay,
He took in lots of sights before the day had gone,
And when night came he was tired, so a hotel room he hired,
Blew out the gas and jumped into bed to sleep till morn.

But he's all right now, he's all right now,
When morning came, alas! they found him full of gas;
They opened wide his room, he went up like a balloon,
And no one's ever seen him since, but he's all right now.

There's a friend of mine named Betts, who has children just like steps,
His neighbor's married seven years and hasn't none,
But he looks with jealous eyes on old Betts, and often sighs
He would give this world and more, he says, to just have one.

But he's all right now, he's all right now,
He got his wish at last, but it made him look aghast;
His wife presented him with a double set of twins,
It is more than he expected, but he's all right now.
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