American Old Time Song Lyrics: 35 Heenan And Sayers

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 35

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By John Mackenzle. Tune-"Donnelly and Cooper."

It was on the sixteenth day of April that they agreed to fight.
The money it was all put up and everything was right.
But Heenan was arrested And brought to the county jail,
Where he was held, to keep the peace, under three hundred bail.

His friends they went quickly there and they did bail him out,
He was forced to change his training ground and take another route;
They thought for to discourage him, so as to prevent the mill,
But having a brave heart in him, swore that Sayers's blood he'd spill.

To see those heroes in the ring it would make your heart feel gay,
Each bore a smile upon his face in honor of the day;
The spectators they were eager those champions for to see.
For they both said that they'd either die or gain the victory.

Time was called, they both stood up, the excitement it was great.
To see those champions seeking for to seal each other's fate;
Savers he made a left hand punch at Heenan's pretty face,
Who quickly dodged And with a blow laid Tommy near a case.

But when the second round came on the Briton was up to time,
Heenan gave him another blow, which nearly broke his spine;
His friends they then began to cheer, which made Sayers feel sad,
For he thought that he'd easily win, which would make the Yankees mad.

Sayers was up to time again, and his face It bore a smile,
Heenan made a pass at him, which slightly bruised his dial;
He made a terrific right hand punch, which got home on Heenan's jowl.
But quickly a sledge hammer blow caused Sayers for to howl.

A look of melancholy was upon each Briton's face;
They thought that Sayers would get whipped, and to England be a disgrace;
But then he got a handsome blow upon brave Heenan's nob;
Their faces bore a smile again, and the betting on Sayers was odd.

Time was called, they both were up to toe the scratch once more;
Sayers got home on Heenan's mug, which made the Britons roar;
Heenan followed quickly up, And as Sayers turned around,
he met him with a right band blow, which sprawled him on the ground.

Bold Sayers was up to time again, and he looked very bad;
Heenan looked as fresh again, which made the Britons mad;
They had a little false sparring, then at each other did gaze,
When Heenan sprawled him out again, which did the Bulls amaze.

Then the cheers and bawls of Heenan's friends would make your heart feel gay;
For they were sure, they had no doubt, but he would gain the day;
The friends of Sayers began to think that he would soon give in,
And to think their champion would get beat, it caused them to grin.

The fight was drawing to a close, the excitement growing worse;
The friends of Heenan they did cheer-and of Sayers, they did curse;
The Hulls were sure that Heenan would win, which caused them all to fret,
For every cent that they were worth on Sayers it was bet.

But then the thirty-seventh round came on to be the last;
The Briton's friends they plainly saw their man was falling fast;
When Heenan gave him another blow, which made them feel forlorn-
The Briton's friends jumped in the ring And said the fight was drawn.

But Heenan called on Sayers again to come and fight it out.
But he was so badly punished, he could scarcely open his mouth.
Heenan said: the fight is mine-and tood upon his ground-
Saying: I am the champion of the world in the thirty-seventh round.
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