American Old Time Song Lyrics: 35 Annie Bodys Rooney

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 35

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Written by George Dance. Composed by Michael Nolan.

Now little Annie Rooney is the most loved one on earth.
In every clime And latitude they chant her peerless worth;
In England she's at least a million lovers at her feet,
For every other fellow warbles as he walks the street:

She's my sweetheart, I'm her beau,
She's my Annie, I'm her Joe;
Soon we'll marry, never to part.
Little Annie Rooney is my sweetheart.

In bonnie, bonnie Scotland she is worshipped everywhere,
From John O'Oroats to Glasgie town her name floats in the air,
For when each brawny Scotchman takes the liquor he loves most
And drinka unto his lady love, this always is his toast:

She's my lassie, I'm her chiel,
She loves purridge, cakes and meal;
On heath and heather our lives we'll pass,
Annie McRooney is a braw wee lass.

The gallant Frenchman loves her too. and sounds her charms on high.
From cafe and from boulevard her praises rend the sky;
Some scores of duels have been fought, and while one man lies dead,
His rival halloes this refrain as he walks home to bed:

She's ma cherie, I'm her beau.
She's so channant, comme il faut;
We kiss and cuddle ze whole day long,
La petite ma'm'selle Rooney is bonne, bonne, bonne.

The happy Dutchman smokes his pipe and chuckles to himself.
For little Annie Rooney has entranced the sly old elf;
And o'er his glass of beer he sings his favorite rhyme
(While on the floor with his sabot he beats in measured time):

She's my Gretchen, I'm her chaps,
She lofes lager, I lof schnapps;
We live together in sweet vedlock,
Fraeulein Annie Rooney vos mein Dutch clock.

The cute old Yankee is a judge of beauty, you can bet.
And so susceptible is he, he's fallen in the net;
He takes a plug of 'bacca and rolls it round his tongue
And sings the New World version of the universal song:

She's my sweetheart, I'm her dude,
Guess she's smart and slick and good;
I sorter reckon she suits me well,
I call Annie Rooney a square-built gel.

Our heroine has sweethearts far across the rolling sea,
And 'mongst the suitors for her hand is found the bland Chinee;
With thumbs upturned he trots about the streets the whole day long.
And like a porter staggers 'neath the burden of his song.

She's my chang chang, I'm her ching,
Me poppy question, she buy ring;
Chinaman love lillie girl, lots of cash,

Lillie Annie Rooney am Chinaman's mash.
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