American Old Time Song Lyrics: 34 I Know I Am Irish And Proud Of It Too

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 34

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Copyright, 1891. by James Stillman.
Words and Music by Thomas T. Carter.

Far o'er the sea is the land that I came from,
The most beautiful spot on the face of the earth,
Where the boys are so free and the girls are so tender,
I'm Irish, and proud of the land of my birth.
For wit and good nature they all have their share of;
There are no braver men if they've duty to do;
Let them sneer if they will, their sneer cannot hurt me,
I know I am Irish, and proud of it, too.

May God bless the land of the Emerald green verdure,
In that land you'll find ladies and gentlemen true;
Although I am poor, I'm not ashamed to own it,
I know I am Irish, und proud of it, too.

If you should visit the green isle of Erin,
It's there you'll be welcome and took by the hand;
Such fun And diversions that you never dreamt of,
'Twould open your eyes, in that beautiful land.
The land of the poet, in the history we read of;
Its old ruin castles give such a grand view;
Its songs and its music, dear land, how I love it,
I know I am Irish, And proud of it, too.-Chorus.

Oh, may the sun shine again in its beauty,
And bring back the old days of happiness then,
For that was the time each man did his duty.
For none on this earth with them could compare.
They stood brave and steady, And fought back the foe man,
And scattered the many, although but a few.
As long as I live I ne'er will deny It,
I know I am Irish, And proud of it, too.-Chorus.
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