American Old Time Song Lyrics: 33 Straus And Katrina

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 33

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Adair Welcker in "West Shore."

I am vanderlng to-nighd by der sawtmill),
Und der owels, as dhey roost in der trees,
Und der bats und der frogks und der moonlight,
Magkes me titsmal, as ligkewise der breeze.

For der owels hoots der same as dhey used to,
Und der man in der moon he vos dhere,
Und he loogk chust der same as of oldten
Vhen he vatch me niit cynical air.

Vhen he schmiled in der days of my boyhood,
As he loogked on Kadrina und me.
As we sat in der shade of der sawtmill,
Vhile he peebped drough der black cloudts to see.

Und der frogks got der same kind of "ricket,"
Und der owels hoots der same as of yore,
Vhen I dold my Kodrina I loffved her,
Und loffving vould loffve evermore.

Berhaps, for dhey see dot she leafves me,
Vhen a rich man vould press, too, his suit;
Berhaps, for dhey see dot she marry,
Una dot vas for vhy dot dhey hoot.

I am vandering to-nighd by der sawtmill,
Und der bats, as dhey dart drough der trees,
Und der frogks und der owels und der moonlight,
Magkes me titsmal, as ligkevise der breeze.

When Mr. Straus Played 'Mumblepeg.'
Adair Welcker In "Norristown Herald."

Vhen I vas a leedle boy, vhile I blayed der' Mumblepeg,
Den der hours dhey flew me by mit vings of gold;
Mit leaping, walking Spanish, or mit hopping der hop Scotch,
I vas hubby-shtill, vas vishing to be old.

For I vished to be a man, so I buy myself a gun,
Und I have a dog, und go und hunt for Bayers,
Or I have a bank accoundt, mit vich I buy a ship,
Ubon whose raking masts above der birates flag appears.

Oh, dhose habby, habby days, vhen mit shtones I trow at cats,
Or I sail my leedle boat ubon der bay;
Oh, dhose exdra habby days, vhen I "sic" my dogk at rats,
Und he dig mit frandic violence for prey.

Vhen, mit breeches vell rolled up, yet I fall into a hole,
So I hide from home and catch my death of cold,
Und I shlip in lade at nighd, und my fader up der shtairs
Tips, to vip me mit a demper uncondrolled.

Oh, dhose habby, habby days! Dhen at war mit all der vorld,
Did I svore I'd be a robber mit my band;
Mit gombanions in der voods dhen I shardt to dig a cave.
From vich, we dink, we billage all der land.

Oh, dhose exdra habby days! Dhey vas gone to come no more,
Since der bloom of life der vines have strewt around.
Und left me barren branches of dhose roses now bereft,
Mit vich my boyhood's fancy had it crowned.
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