American Old Time Song Lyrics: 33 One Pound Two

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 33

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Maggy dear, I come to hear that you've been on a spree,
Where is my whole weeks wages, I pray come tell to me;
When I come home at night I find no smell of drink on you.
Yet I would like to know how you laid out my one pound two.

Oh! Johnny dear, I have it here, penned down in black and white;
Come count it now, right after me, and you will say I'm right;
You've been told that I've been on a spree, but you'll find it is not true,
For I will let you know how I laid out your one pound two.

In the first place there's one shilling paid for two stone of meal,
Served four of us around the week-I'm sure it ain't a great deal,
And four stone of potatoes, for you know no less would do;
That's three and two pence hapenny out of your one pound two.

For two hundred weight of coal three shillings I did pay,
Fourpenny loaf each morning, and two on the Sabbath day,
And every morning for the child-it's a baby son, it's true;
That's seven and eleven pence out of your one pound two.

Seven pence for sugar, seven pence for tea,
Seven pence for tobacco-that's one penny worth each day,
And one shilling for beef, you know no less would do,
That's ten and nine pence hapenny out of your one pound two.

Six pence for a pound of ham, and seven pence for a steak,
And six pence for vegetables it every week does take,
Four pence for two eggs this day I paid for you,
That's eleven and eleven pence hapenny out of your one pound two.

Twenty pence for butter, John-you know it's of the best,
And four pence more for batter-milk-now add that to the rest;
Oh! Johnny dear, you ask what with your money I do,
That's thirteen and ten pence hapenny out of your one pound two.

There is four shillings for rent-that's all we do require,
And nine pence for sticks for to kindle up the fire.
And one shilling for milk, soap, soda, starch and blue,
Add that up and you will exactly find your one pound two.

Maggy dear, your neighbors on you do complain,
They tell me my whole wages you every day do spend.
That a virtuous woman is worth gold I find it to be true;
You've exactly counted up my one pound two.
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