American Old Time Song Lyrics: 33 It's Way Out Of Sight

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 33

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Copyright, 1890, by Will Rossiter.
Words and Music by W. Retissor.

Something new I've got for you, and I think I'm right;
Every one of you will say, it's way out of sight.
If you wish to have your photograph, your strength, your weight, your height,
Just drop a nickel in the slot, and It's 'way out of sight.

It's 'way out of sight, is the latest, you know;
It's heard nowadays wherever you go;
If asked your opinion and wish to be right,
Simply remark, it's 'way out of sight.

Winning on fast horses, I always cut a dash;
When I get a friendly tip I put up all my cash.
The other day I was quite sure that I had struck it right.
And, sure enough, my horse came in 'way out of sight.

Yes, 'way out of sight, In that little horse race;
So far out of sight, he'd not got a place;
Yes, racing and horses I think are all right,
Alas ob, your cash, it's 'way out of eight.

Are there any here to-night blessed with mother-in-law?
One that you would dearly love to dislocate her jaw?
Do as I did, take her for a boat-ride some fine night,
Then by accident you tip her 'way out of sight.

She's 'way out of sight of our happy home;
I guess she's cremated below with brimstone;
How happy we've all been since that summer night
When poor mamma, dear, went 'way out of sight.

Putting other jokes aside from a first-class source,
They tell me that your city has the finest police force.
They're noble and courageous, their stars shine out so bright.
At fights, at rows, or when in need, they're 'way out of sight.

They're 'way out of sight, from view evermore;
Gone for a drink through the little side door.
They're all on the dead beat with clubs in their right.
Policemen, you know, are 'way out of sight.

Will ladies ever wear again the bustle as of old?
All the married men hope not, at least, so I've been told,
For while in style they couldn't nurse their wives with much delight,
But now to hold them in your arms, oh, it's 'way out of sight.

It's 'way out of sight, so from torture we're free,
No more steel wires will run in your knee;
If worn as of old, or not, as now right,
Literally speaking, they're 'way out of sight.

A ring last night at our belt made me Jump out of bed;
At this hour who can it be, just to myself I said.
Nothing but a telegram, which said in black and white,
"Just arrived, both doing well," it's 'way out of sight.

It's 'way out of sight, but that's a great phrase
To apply to a family you've started to raise;

A man without any could use the term right,
My first son and heir, he's 'way out of sight.
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