American Old Time Song Lyrics: 33 Hes Talking Through His Hat

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 33

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He's Talking Through His Hat.
Copyright, 1891, by Will Rossiter.
By W. R. Williams.

How many people one may meet who think they know it all,
But what they know, compared with what they think they know, looks small
So when a man declares that he has everything down pat,
Then bet your bottom dollar he is talking through his hat.
Now lots of actors on the stage will often have the check
And say the salary they get is ninety-live per week,
But When the truth is really known, it's hardly quite so fat-
Then you'll discover that the man's been talking through his hat.

Old England said awhile ago that she would rule the sea,
I and catch our seals whenever and wherever she might please;
But when our Uncle Sam rose up, und set his foot down flat,
Then Johnny Bull discovered he'd been talking through his hat.
But England is a dainty place to be from all the while;
Their "English jokes" they make us sick-there at them they smile.
They think the Prince of Wales is great, of him they ever chat,
But here, we know, he's out of sight; they're talking through their hat.

And when Chicago got the fair, some jealous cities tried
To throw cold water on the show-they kicked, they squirmed and lied,
And said 'twould be a failure, and a lot of talk like that,
But now they realize that they were talking through their hat.
Wee Benny Harrison is said to have a hope that when
His present term expires he can get back in again,
But Benny's name is "Dennis," and his "boomlet" will be flat;
'Tis plain to see he's talking through his grandpa's poor old hat.

Now If, perchance, your rent is due, for cash you are pinched tight,
A better way, by far, there is than moving out at night:
The landlord comes to get his dust, the door he'll gently tap,
Just tell him through the keyhole that he's talking through his hat.
'Tis nice to have a loving wife, as all the wide world knows;
Such lota of fun to spend your "mun" to buy her winter clothes;
When, with her arms around your neck, she wants a seal-skin sacque,
Then softly whisper in her ear, "you're talking through your bat.

Now maybe you are married, but you lead a jolly life,
You roll home pretty early in the morning to your wife;
Of course you talk; you feel so gay, you don't know what you're at,
And if you did, you'd swear that you'd been talking through your hat.
Your wife gets up next morning and asks you to explain
About the one last night you called your own sweet "Mary Jane; "
You make a bluff, and tell her cot to notice things like that,
She ought to know by this time you were talking through your hat.

You introduce a game of cards to pass the time away,
So with the boys at pokier, for an hour or two you play;
Somebody says he'll raise the pot, you look and then stand pat,
Of course you think the fellow must be talking through his hat.
You hug four kings in both your hands, and sit there quite content,
Somebody says he'll raise the pot a dollar to a cent-
You show four kings; to your surprise, four aces he's got pat.
You kick yourself And say that you've been talking through your hat.

A man declares the Tariff Bill's a blessing to the land,
He tries to make the workingman his meaning understand;
He stands upon the platform, he's got his speech down pat.
Some Democrat shouts out, "Me boy, you're talking through your hat."
he swears John Wanamaker is as honest us the light,
The trouble in the Keystone bank he still declares is right,
But until Wanamaker gives us proof of this peculiar fact.
We'll still maintain "his highness "is talking through his hat.
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