American Old Time Song Lyrics: 33 A Woman In The Case

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 33

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Copyright, 1891, by Henry J. Wehman.
Written, Composed and Sung by James McAvoy.

The title and the subject of the song I am going to sing you,
It is sure to be a woman in the case;
Should I mention little things might hit you hard at home and sting you
When a woman's implicated in the case.
She mixes in with everything, as long as I remember.
From the first of January till the last day of December,
And when things are running smooth and in the end you find a damper,
You can bet that there's a woman in the case.

There's sure to be a woman interested
When they start to raise the devil-how they raise;
When you hear a pack of lies, well, don't you never he surprised,
But you can gamble there's a woman in the case.

If a man goes out of town one day and does not tell his neighbors,
They will bint that there's a lady in the case;
You will never satisfy them till they have it in the papers;
They must surely have a woman in the case.
The scandal In the papers, for the wife it is sufficient;
And to kick up some excitement all the papers they are fishing
For some pretty young typewriter girl to cover with suspicion,
For they've got to ring a lady in the case.

And there's sure to be a woman there to swear
That she saw you go in such and such a place;
When you're suing for divorce, we must all admit, of course,
That they will have to ring a woman in the case.

If your wife she sits up with a club and waits for you till morning,
Don't forget that there's a woman in the case;
When you're coming up the stairs she reaches down and gives you warning.
Just to show you there's a woman in the case;
Then down the stairs and after you around the yard she's racing,
With a stick of wood your cocoanut every second she is grazing.
When she hollers out, you Mormon, will you stop your chippy-chasing,
Then you know that there's a woman in the case.

There's a woman always in the case to queer you,
That is sure to keep you guessing in a maze;
Should you chance to get a soaker in the kisser with a poker.
Just imagine that your wife is in the case.

Sometimes when you are sober and the scripture you are leading,
You will read that there's a woman in the case;
And when Adam climbed the apple-tree in the garden of old Eden,
Oh, it tells you there's a woman in the case;
Adam saw the apples on the tree-Miss Eva told him get 'em;
And when Adam eat the peaches, old Miss Eva she was with him;
Yes, we know they stole the quinces, but whatever good it did 'em,
Still Miss Eva was indicted in the case.

There's a woman mixed in everything to do you;
They know how to fool you fifty thousand ways;
If you want to have a pudding, get a wife and get a good one,
Make her work and have a woman in the race.
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