American Old Time Song Lyrics: 32 A Sailors Home Sweet Home

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 32

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Copyright, 1891, by T. B. Harms & Co.
Words by W. E. Robey. Music by Robert Recker.

A mother sits reading a message, her fond heart is beating with joy;
It tells her the good ship's returning that carries her long absent boy;
It bids her be brave and light-hearted, her old eyes are filled with glad tears;
She thinks of the day when they parted-she's not seen her loved one for years.
Ah! little she thought she would ne'er see him more,
His good ship was wrecked within eight of the shore;
Her gallant young sailor went down 'neath the foam;
He'd only just pictured that bright dream of home.

When I come back again, when I return from sea,
A loving mother, with outstretched arms, is waiting to welcome me.
Parted from her for years, sailing across the foam,
Nobody knows a sailor's love for home, sweet home.

She's sitting alone in her cottage, her thoughts are still out on the sea;
Each footstep she hears in the distance, she startles and says, "Is it he?"
There's no one to tell that his vessel was wrecked by a ponderous wave;
And right within eight of the homestead he lies in a watery grave.
At last she grows restless, the breakers they roar,
A letter has drifted by chance to the shore;
She read with despair, tho' 'tis dripping with foam.
It tells of his death and his last dream of home.-Chorus.
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