American Old Time Song Lyrics: 31 I've Worked Eight Hours This Day

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 31

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I've Worked Eight Hours This Day.
by Felix McGlennon. Sung by Maggie Cline.

Have ye heard the rule, me boys; the latest rule, me boys
Ye mustn't work more than eight hours any day or else you're fired;
Eight hours' work a day, then eight hours to play,
Ye must work no more, d'ye mind?
Pat had a hod of bricks to-night, 'twas striking six,
The top of the ladder he was on, but wouldn't lave thim thin,
he wouldn't work overtime, for that wud be a crime,
Says he, "I'll carry thim down agin-

"For I've worked eight hours this day,
And I think I've earned my pay;"
Whin the clock struck six he tuk down the bricks,
he wouldn't work half a minute longer.

Patsey Mulligan last night got full agin.
He came home drunk at two o'clock a. m. And made a din;
he kicked at the dure, he did; jumped on the flure, he did,
Shouted, "Bridget, let me in!"
She heard the shindy and she opened the windy,
And says she. "Is" that you. Pat?" Says he, "Sure, I'm wet to the skin."
Says she. "I'm sorry, Pat, but till to-morry, Pat,
Me darling, I can't let ye in-

"For I've worked eight hours this day,
And I think I've earned my pay;
Ye can stop out there in the rain and swear,
I won't work half a minute longer."

Barney Brockey was me fav'rite jockey.
And whene'er he rode a horse, I had me bottom dollar on.
He was a flier and a good ould trier.
Wan day I got ten to wan.
Me quids I parted and the horses started;
They ran like the divil up to ten yards from the winning-post.
Then he stopped, bedad; I nearly dropped, bedad.
Says he, "To-morrow I'll finish this race-

"For I've worked eight hours this day,
And I think I've earned my pay;
The others may pass, let my horse eat grass,
I won't work half a minute longer."

Johnny Hooligan's been made a fool agin:
He went to the barber's just to get a dacent penny shave;
He'd lovely whiskers on. Donegal whiskers on,
But bad that barber did behave.
He soaped and lathered, then he jawed and blathered;
He scraped wan side of Johnnys face so nice and clean all o'er;
He went to the other jaw, then the clock he saw.
Says he, "To-morrow I'll finish your shave

"For I've worked eight hours this day.
And I think I've earned my pay;
have your whiskers on till the morinin', John,
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