American Old Time Song Lyrics: 30 The Lovers' Quarrel

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 30

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Copyright, 1891, by M. Witmark & Sons.
Arranged by Isidor Witmark.

Mary and John, down in a distant old village,
Fell deep in love and were engaged to be wed;
But one fine day up went the nose of sweet Mary
At what her John of some other girl had said;
John simply smiled, he was much given to teasing,
And some old song softly he started to sing;
Mary with rage every moment grew warmer.
And at his Feet threw their engagement ring.

"I won't be your wife," said Mary.
"Thank goodness for that," said John.
"I hate such a brute," said Mary.
"But other girls don't," said John.
"I'm going back to the dairy,"
"Well, that's just as well," said he.
"I hope you'll be at the wedding
Of Molly Malone and me."

Mary turned 'round, just went a step or two from him.
Then at her John one farewell glance she threw;
Thinking, perhaps, he was already repenting,
But all he said was, "I don't care what you do."
Out came his pipe soon clouds of smoke he was pulling into the air.
Stretched out full length on the green.
Mary stood by, somehow her heart was nigh breaking;
Had John become tired of his village queen?

"Am I to go? "said Mary.
"I don't care a rap," said John.
"To spite you, I won't," said Mary.
"Well maybe you won't" said John.
"Oh, why are you so contrary?
I'll down myself, sir," said she.
Said John "On your way, dear Mary,
Send Molly Malone to me."

Tears filled her eyes, as with her apron she covered
Her pretty face, heaving a heart-rending sigh;
All now seemed o'er, what was the use of her staying?
Turning to John, she then gently said, good-bye."
Up like a shot jumped the young fellow all smiling.
Touched to the heart by such a tender farewell;
Kissed all the tears from the sweet face of his Mary,
Told her the tales fond lovers always tell.

Johnny he hugged his Mary,
And Mary she hugged her John.
He vowed that fairer fairy
He never had gazed upon;
And while little Mary's laughing,
Her head resting on his breast.
With that I'll conclude the story,
No doubt you can guess the rest.
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