American Old Time Song Lyrics: 30 The Cart Before The Horse

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 30

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Written by Harry Dacre.
Sung with immense success by Bonnie Kate Harvey.

The world is full of great mistakes, for instance, some believe
That all the faults of human-kind are traced to mother Eve.
Men say that Adam was a saint who loved his solitude.
Until a female came to him And taught him to be rude.

Oh, what a delusion! oh, what a mistake,
What a terrible blunder for anybody to make.
It's really just the opposite, they've run right off the course,
They've got the story wrong side up And the cart before the horse.

A girl get's home a trifle late, her ma looks awful black;
And says, "I hear you've been a walk with that young Wastrel Jack.
And people saw him kissing you just where the lights were dim.
No, no, mamma, Jack ne'er kissed me! for I was kissing him.-Chorus.

Some people come to music halls and listen to each song;
They find fault here and find fault there And criticise so strong.
They say it they could get a chance, a star they'd quickly be;
But when they face an audience, how soon they change their key.-Chorus

Some loving pairs made up their minds to go And do a splice;
In spite of all our warnings, and of married folks' advice,
She thinks that wedlock's bliss on earth, he thinks it's worth a try;
But afterwards you'll sometimes hear these spooney couples cry:-Chorus.
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