American Old Time Song Lyrics: 30 Is Marriage A Failure What Say You

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 30

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Is Marriage a Failure? What Say You?
Copyright, 1890, by Wm. Thomas.
Composed by Wm. Thomas.

Is marriage a failure? This question all ask.
And to solve it, 'tis certainly no easy tusk.
My experience of life, both the bright and dark side,
I have come to conclude And this question decide;
For all men and women from youth up, I declare,
Have a sort of a notion that two make a pair;
So from Eden I'll take and endeavor to prove
That marriage itself was ordained from above.

Marriage is a failure, some people say,
While others from experience answer. Nay,
And between these two extremes, I am ready to decide,
If you'll just accept my verdict as a matrimonial guide.

Of Adam himself, you all know, it is said.
For one of his ribs got a good wife instead;
And to us it's so plain, he'd no choice of his own,
But accepted his bride when fine clothes were unknown.
Such a beautiful rib Adam knew he had got,
And Eve, on her part, was as pleased with her lot,
For in those days they needed no powder and puff,
And, no doubt, Adam thought she was handsome enough.

What a beautiful picture from nature we learn
Of the first man and wife-it's so plain to discern;
For they lived and they died near a thousand years old,
In sweet simple innocence And pleasures untold.

Now, it sometimes occurs that a man or his wife.
From the day they are wed, cause much family strife.
When a kind, loving word or a sweet, winning smile,
Would smooth anger away and again reconcile;
And when this proves a failure, there's but one last resource-
Quickly settle the question and obtain a divorce.
This picture I draw as a contrast, you see.
To prove marriage no failure, if you're guided by me.

Marriage is a failure if you don't choose well;
So take your time, my boys and girls, and time will tell.
And when at times you are deceived, then put the law in force,
Far better part (than break your heart) by getting a divorce.

Now, if my views on marriage seem a trifle too severe,
There's something wrong at home with you, it's evidently clear;
Let man his true position hold, one wife his lot to share,
And woman also lake her stand, for equal rights declare;
Let husbands dearly love their wives, and wives their husbands, too,
And as thro' life they journey, to each other stick like glue.
For if both pull together and be faithful, kind And true,
then marriage is no failure. What say you?

That marriage is no failure, I've tried to prove to you;
And having done my duty, I bid you all adieu;
And should you still remain in doubt, just try it for yourself;
So name the day, without delay, or you'll soon be on the shelf.
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