American Old Time Song Lyrics: 26 It Used To Be Proper, But It Don't Go Now

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 26

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In the history of each nation, we read of in creation,
Their style's and manners change from day to day;
But many an earnest preacher and worthy old school teacher
Against progression have had lots to say.
But when we see a city so business-like and gritty
Then every body surely ought to know
Those preachers and their preaching, those teachers and their teaching
To other parts will surely have to go.

For it used to be proper, but it don't go now;
We have to make a living, and we don't care how;
Honesty used to be proper, I'll allow.
It used to, but it don't go now.

A fellow thinks it's funny when he has lots of money
To have a jolly time and he gets tight; I
He tries his drinking powers at downing whiskey sours,
The sun is shining for him day and night;
But on the morning after he has no time for laughter,
And may be not a cent to get a drink;
He tells some gay bartender he's been upon a bender,
The bar boy laughs and tells him with a wink:

That used to be the caper, but it don't go now;
We had to get your money and we didn't care how;
You've been a good fellow, of course we'll allow,
You used to be, but it don't go now.

In our trouble with Samoa, John Kline, a Yankee blower,
Tried to fix a right for Uncle Sam;
But now we stopped the kicking, and no one got a licking,
And everybody "happy as a clam."
We, through procrastination, nearly lost our coaling station,
But as it's settled, keep it now we may;
While reports were being wired, just making people tired,
Old Bismarck only had to laugh and say:

Well you used to have a navy, but it don't go now;
You'll have to get some Krupp guns before you make a row,
You used to have some monitors, of course we'll allow,
They were daisies, but they don't go now.
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