American Old Time Song Lyrics: 26 Down Went Resonsky

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 26

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Tune- "Down Went McGinty."
By Harry Thompson.

On a shabes Morning just at nine. Mr. Resonsky dressed so fine,
He was standing on the synagogue steps;
When a bitzotner approached and said:
Mr. Resonsky, I would like to make a bet for a hundred dollars,
That I can wrestle with Mr. Levy on the roof.
They went on a French elevator, and they soon commenced to reach the top,
When "Resonsky was quit tough, to the corners they did walk,
And some loafer hollered pork, and they all took a Hebrew fit.

Down went Resonsky to the bottom of the bay.
The Solomons and the Cohns they would no longer stay;
Even all the dummies commenced to walk away.
Dressed in their second-handed suit of clothes.

Solomon Isaac made the jump over a croton water pump.
When he found poor Resonsky in the mud;
Then an ambulance they did call.
Took Resonsky to the Hebrew hall.
All his friends thought he was dead.
When an Italian organ grinder commenced
To play a tune that was not new,
Where are you going my pretty, fair jew?

Down went Resonsky to the sidewalk very quick.
He swore by all the matzoths that the Italian he would lick;
On the Italian he got hung when he was stabbed by the monk,
Dressed in the Rabbi'suit of clothes.

Resonsky fought hard and bold, till the sheenies got a hold of him.
The Italian grabbed his stick and his monk he quickly would lick;
The stick it would commence to fly. it hit Resonsky in the eye,
Two Jew cops saw the fight.
And seen that Resonsky was tight.
On him they quick got hunk:
And they tried to catch the Italian and the monk,
And Resonsky is now in Essex market jail.

Down went Resonsky to the bottom of the cell,
In came Rachel Rowker and brought Reaonaln a matzoths cloister;
And Schmidthy hocked his diamond and went Resonsky's bail.
Dressed in a baritone suit of clothes.

Resonsky got before the Judge and with joy of his little Abie he did hug,
She was as stiff as starch, when the Judge him quietly did discharge;
Resonsky made a bow and all face commenced to smile.
He threw his arms around his wife, and let us go to Loone's isle.
So Resonsky and his family rode away with a steamer down the bay,
He went tip on the iron pier, a codfish with a diamond in his ear
Struck his thought, he quickly wanted to grab his treasure and jumped overboard,
When all the Jews on the iron pier commenced to sing:

Down went Resonsky to the bottom of the sea in a very funny motion,
He pulled three balls out of his pockets,
And quickly the ocean commenced to hock;
The Hebrews they say: They think Resonsky is dead.
But his shadow came around last night, when he was -landing on his head.
Chased Sam Perry out of his bed in his night suit of Coney Island clothes.
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